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  1. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Even better, this is a review that Hertz left on another server that fits PERFECTLY for firestorm
  2. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Pros: 1. Community is tight knit. Many play with each other daily. They are experienced players who will probably teach you how to play. Cons: 1. They charge for a reserve spot so you don't need to wait in queue. Many servers offer this for free. 2. They claim to be a server for all communities. When you grow your own group of friends large enough, you will find that is not actually what they believe. If you hold any staff position expect to be thoroughly outed either immediately or down the road (i have personally seen admins of other server banned on Firestorm just for being staff/admins on other server). They will say things are fine and then a month later they will inform you, they agreed in private you are no longer welcome. Don't waste your time trying to help them, they just want you to do their moderating so they can rake in reserve slot cash. 3. The admin team as of now is pretty abusive/inept. Half the time there are no admins on the server when it is populated (which seems like 50% of the time now-a-days), especially late in the day/early morning. All in all, I would say the server is alright but be VERY careful investing a lot of time with this server and it's staff. They will not think twice in replacing you. There are plenty of better servers.