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  1. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    @Major Trouble: Yes, perhaps you wouldn't like it, hence why I proposed to add the ability to let his squad always give up. So if you're a rushy squad leader that loves to get in the fight with his squad and don't wanna bother with it you just check that option, no more problem. But on the other hand, if your squad keep spawning 1 at a time, getting picked off going their own way or your team is running low on tickets and you wanna avoid a new player to give up on theses precious one then you check it off and have to manage your squad a little more.
  2. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    I agree there's actually a problem with people giving up way to fast, I even tend to give up a tad too fast just because it's easier in some case to just give up, even more, if I know we're winning on tickets count. I've thought of a nice fix for that and also more teamwork and SL responsibilities. Make an approval system like for the vehicle for a player to give up, you'd have the same HUD that you get when you die but instead of ''give up'' you'd have "Request give up" (Or however the dev wanna call that). Upon sending the request the SL would have a small notification and would have to open up his map and approve the request (kind of like the commander accepting a fire mission on the map) He could either accept them one at a time or accept it for the whole squad and might even have to ability to let his squad always give up. The only cons I could see to my suggestion is an SL abusing this function, trolling or going AFK. An easy fix for that is admin rules enforcement on their servers and the option to let their squad member give up as much as they want without having to request permission if one has to AFK or for strategic reasons. This would give the SL more control over his desired "wave respawn", being able to manage his squad more effectively and it would reduce the amount of useless give up. Isn't this what's squad is all about, teamwork effort?
  3. Squad Time Canada (FR/QC)

    - Squad Time Canada - Bonjour a tous, nous sommes environs 10 joueurs actif et amis qui avons décidés de former une équipe amical et compétitive après avoir remarqué qu'il existe aucune équipe / communauté squad canadien francophone. Nous avons de l'expérience en compétition, nos intentions sont de participé dans certains événement en temps que Mercenaire en attendant d'avoir l'effectif nécessaire pour pouvoir s'inscrire en équipe entière ainsi que de jouer de façon régulière dans des serveurs publique pour le plaisir. Nous primons le respect et le travail d'équipe ''spawn together, die together''. Aucune présence ou activité obligatoire de votre part, on est tous la pour avoir du fun. N'hésitez pas a rejoindre notre discord que ce sois pour vous joindre a nous ou en temps qu'invité: https://discord.gg/z3m7gFZ Au plaisir de jouer avec vous! Team Leader, RaZoR - Squad Time Canada -