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  1. The Wrench, December 2019

    Jeezz.. Literally CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see all these awesome new factions in the game.
  2. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    As some of the above have also mentioned: thankyou for giving the players an insight into the decisionmaking and planning you are doing. It is very cool to see what the next few steps might be, and to also feel listened to when contributing on the forums (in regards to buddy rally for example). Keep up the great work, I am specifically looking forward to the extra factions to expand the content! : )
  3. The Wrench, November 2019

    I see, I think now that mods will be whitelisted we will see this a lot more often aswell I guess.
  4. The Wrench, November 2019

    But are they really? Because they are not part of the games CORE right? You need to download it as an addon to the main game? Or am I mistaken?
  5. The Wrench, November 2019

    This looks really, really sweet... I am not really fameliar with how the modding proces goes after somebody has created a new faction or a map: how big are the chances of something being incorporated in the actual game itself? Me being mostly a PR veteran I remember it "almost always" being included when finished, but this is not the case here is it? German, French, Finnish, Australian and Canadian factions would make the content for this game exponentially larger... Are the DEV's advocating this aswell?