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  1. Heli maps just started this is why, and there is no Heli in smaller maps lol, like i sed in other comments, you have to be lucky the get in a good Squad that knows what there doing. This game is still in it’s early state but Dev’s will have to do something to get it going, When Tarkov was at it’s peak i sed to Dev’s Tarkov would crash, I told them to get better anti cheats and fix net code ect... and the Dev’s came back to me saying they had no problem, Tarkov is now DEAD . Keep only big maps In this game people will stop playing over time because teams of Squads have to be working together for big maps to be flowing, 8 years old kids are getting in server not only 35 years old hardcore player ( for example ) So ok lets all go play Battlefield or call of duty but Fanboy of Squad will be missing player in there servers
  2. This is a game and there is no way we can see this in a game, in real life ok you have two eyes open and you know where your gun barrel is, but not in a game. Explain this to me now this happening with hand guns smart boy. Games have to be made practical, you can’t reproduce 100% real life thing like this
  3. The miles to get there sucks when no body are building FOB or don’t know what there doing. I’m not saying, eliminate big maps, just saying to had more small maps and players could decide in witch types of maps they would like to play in.
  4. The problem with this game is that you have to be lucky to form a good Squad and at the same time all other Squad in your team, and what i see now more often, Squad of two player locking there Squad and People forming Squads to get the marksman position and throwing the Squad leader position to other players than the Squad just drop down, than you end up with a shit team. I like Squad the way it’s built but having smaller maps i think will make the game more accessible. Big maps are cool but like i sed when everything works, when more than half of the players in the team are doing what they have to do.
  5. I know that Squad is a squad based game but as people can see, the smaller maps are the most popular. We need more of dose smaller city or Irak town maps
  6. I started playing this summer and i can see that there is a problem with the shooting in this game, most of the time when we are prone or behind objects standing up, when we fire with our weapon looking through scope, we hit the ground, objects or wall in front of us. Is this going to get fixed. Hit registration hitting other players is not working half of the time. Are the dev’s working on this ?