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  1. Throwing knives

    i mean, this was meant to be a joke post but if y'all want to discuss it seriously then alright
  2. Throwing knives

    Maybe for insurgents or something. Silent attack, deals low damage vs body armour but instakills with a headshot.
  3. Fast-roping

    allow certain classes to fast-rope out of transport helicopters when they are stationary and close-ish to the ground
  4. suppressors

    Add a rifleman variant class for all/some of the armies in squad who's weapons are fitted with suppressors, as this would allow for more scouting/flanking operations
  5. suppressors

    add a rifleman class variant with a suppressor for infiltration tactics etc.
  6. Defensive Class

    Ballistic Shields (This isn't a serious idea but if you want to discuss it in comments then by all means do)
  7. An Idea for being sneaky

    Maybe I should have been more clear: when I say that they would run off on their own, I mean that their actual mission i.e sabotage would be done on their own, maybe with a couple of riflemen, however still recieving orders from the SL. Therefore they are still working for the team, but not in a team. Like the sniper kit for Canada.
  8. An Idea for being sneaky

    I believe that adding a stealthy or 'special operations' class to the game would change up the meta a bit. It could be similar to the scout, in that it is equipped with sabotage equipment such as IEDs or even a kind of adhesive anti-armour charge to slap on enemy tanks and surprise the enemy later on. They would have some kind of suppressed SMG or PDW for covert operations and would essentially fill the role of CQC flankers (They could also have some kind of insta-kill backstab knife attack but that would probably ruin the meta. Also, for all the people out there who think this promotes going off on your own instead of working in a squad, wouldn't it be better for them to be using a role specifically designed for roaming, rather than them taking up a valuable marksman kit that would be better used for supporting the squad). They would probably have about as much availibility as marksmen, as this would stop large swarms of them running off in all directions at once. I would appreciate feedback so I can refine and improve this idea and my future ideas (as this is my first idea).