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  1. M110 - Awfully weak

    Thanks for this topic! I hope the devs read it. Many others also complain that the one issue that has plagued this game in terms of ballistics is how larger rounds cause no sway changes, no slow down... nothing like that. I hoped the new animation system would make that possible but no. Honestly, I agree with you fully that those larger rounds should actually drop a target after one chest shot. It would truly show how lethal these weapons are in comparison to the smaller firearms.
  2. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    Also, is it true the m240 has selectable full auto fire rate like the BAR?
  3. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    Do you agree that the m60 is still a decent gpmg? And better than pkm?
  4. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    I agree it should Be big, slow, and cumbersome like in PR. I believe the m240 would drop you in a single shot too and could injure you from splash damage so it was a beast that made up for its limitations. Hopefully the gpmgs will be the same in squad. We will see the m240, pkm and a dev HINTED at possibly the m60! Wow, I could totally foresee the militia with the m60!
  5. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    Ok perhaps the m240 will have damage values equal to or greater than th SVD? Hope so
  6. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    Yeah that's my only issue with the game really.. some of these high powered rounds should have more lethality. I've survived THREE SVD shots.
  7. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    I agree.. I believe project reality handled it well. However we should be able to fire it while standing but just with terrible accuracy.
  8. Well the devs heard many of our cries and will be adding the m240b and also the pkm! They mentioned that these weapons will have an advantage because they will have increased suppression. That is amazing. However shouldn't they also have significantly increased damage? Right now it takes two chest shots to kill someone with a rifle. Shouldn't the m240 and pkm drop someone in a single chest shot? I hope these weapons will be feared.
  9. August 2017 Recap

    So happy to see the m240 will be in the game thank you!! So excited about this!! Wow. Day made!
  10. I am hopeful but one must wonder if the devs are not answering this question because they aren't sure if they will add it.
  11. Many have expressed great desire to see these weapons, especially considering the m240 is now more common in units than the m249. However the devs have always found a way to dodge around the answer. Do you believe they will put them in, honestly? And how would thy function? I believe Project Reality handled them well.
  12. Well the problem with al basrah is that one of the devs recently made is super bright. When it was first released it had great atmosphere, gamma and shadows. Now a it's ugly right. Change it back devs.
  13. SVD too weak

  14. Alpha 9.6 Released

    This^^^ if I want know if I am standing or crouching I can just look down and see my legs. And if I want to know if I am in prone I'll just see the ground right there! That new icon should totally be optional. Pointless HUD distraction.