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  1. Well the problem with al basrah is that one of the devs recently made is super bright. When it was first released it had great atmosphere, gamma and shadows. Now a it's ugly right. Change it back devs.
  2. SVD too weak

  3. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    This^^^ if I want know if I am standing or crouching I can just look down and see my legs. And if I want to know if I am in prone I'll just see the ground right there! That new icon should totally be optional. Pointless HUD distraction.
  4. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    I agree... they could have made it temporary. But a permanent hud item? Really disappointed. But oh wel everything else looks great
  5. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Thanks for the update. The only thing that really bothers me is the new hud icon showing your stance. Seems pretty unnecessary and not worth breaking immersion by having another thing on the hud. The best option would be for us to have the option to toggle all hud aspects via the options screen. Darkest hour/red orchestra did this well. If you wanted you could remove all hud in that game and even select certain hud features to toggle. Thanks for the hard work.
  6. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    I second this! PLEASE bring back the old lighting of al Basrah, the new lighting is so bright that i have to lower gamma every time the maps loads, and even then it doesn't look right. The previous lighting was perfect!
  7. Is Al basrah glitched now? (Lighting)

    Agreed. Really hope they adjust it. Very blinding compared to the other maps Do you do this for every map?
  8. The new bug is the lighting. Please change it to less bright as it was before. MAny Others have almention that it's just too bright now we always have to change the gamma settingsso mention that it's just too bright now we always have to change the gamma settings
  9. Is Al basrah glitched now? (Lighting)

    Wow you actually agreed! That's a first.
  10. Is Al basrah glitched now? (Lighting)

    Why did @oxygencube change the lighting if people were generally pleased with the look of al basrah in the beginning but now have issues? I wonder what kind of monitor he is using.
  11. Is Al basrah glitched now? (Lighting)

    Yeah really hoping they revert it back to what it was now that we know this was intentional. It just seems the gamma is way too high, and even makes the water look weird. After playing on al basrah now, every map you play afterwards feels like night time in comparison. @ChanceBrahh Thanks for your time and I hope you can revert it to how YOU originally had it.
  12. Is Al basrah glitched now? (Lighting)

    Agreed. lol I have to pull out my sun glasses
  13. After the 9.4 update, I thought I was one of the few here who was blinded by how the lighting on al basrah was increased. After playing in a squad today, turns out most of us alter the gamma setting when we play al basrah so we aren't blinded. Then we drove up on some of the rivers/streams, and the water was discolored ( almost white/greenish)....therefore this has led me to believe some type of glitched occurred. @ChanceBrahh I'm sure you have noticed this difference. The map was perfectly lighted in the previous patch. Do you know what happened?
  14. Cinematic vs. Epic effects

    Ah thanks