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  1. Wow a terminator fan! No one else caught that.
  2. Agreed. I hope the game gets this! It would be awesome to have hit reactions. I hope getting shot anywhere will at least drop stamina down and affect sway. What you propose would be icing on the cake!
  3. Agreed and I hope the m60, m249 and pkm is one hit upper body kill! These guns have feel like they are powerful
  4. Guys I hate to say it, but having scripted sequences like this is likely our only reality for seeing the a-10 and other planes in the main game. The devs never said fixed wing aircraft were on their agenda...
  5. I also paid $75 and it was worth it. Btw what's up with those founder skins though!! Still haven't seen them in game.
  6. Devs please get this a-10 in the game like NOW!! My GOSH! That was amazing
  7. Seriously!! A-10s? This is amazing. Imagine the various types of aircraft runs that could be made if this feature is picked up by the main devs! Even small maps will be able to have Air vehicular presence in the form of scripted call-ins! Whoever did this, beautiful work! And the sounds!!! That's the perfect sound of the a-10 gun.
  8. Good observations! I do notice that on steam discussions most of the new players are coming from arma or insurgency
  9. I have been noticing from the beginning that whenever squads player base starts to grow, a few days later, the insurgency player base grows as well. After looking through the history of squad's updates/discounts/free weekends, I was surprised to see that every time squad has lowered its price or had an update, the NWI insurgency devs immediately follow with a huge discount! This is likely not coincidence. They know that squad is their biggest competitor, and they fear squad will be their ruin. Likely because squads vehicles and game engine is far superior. For a while insurgency dominated the medium between Arma and Counter strike. Every since squad, their player base has been falling like cockroaches in the ghetto. It's pretty cheap of them to lower their game price every time squad has an update. They are trying hard to distract gamers from noticing squad. But I guess that's just business.
  10. Yes that would be fun too. Instead of large grass fields with wooden sheds, let's having more buildings (even destroyed ones) would be epic.
  11. Agreed, man I'm thinking from hear on out ALL maps should have some sort of urban city area... Squad really shines with that.
  12. But then we couldn't hear the awesome gun sounds. Did the devs ever confirm if machine gun class would be added?
  13. My wish list. US: m240 Insurgent: Pkm Militia: m60 e4 Yours?
  14. I agree, after playing the city maps like al Basrah I just can't enjoy the other maps as much any more. I find myself only playing al Basrah. Oh oh and it looks beautiful to me, last thing I thought about was the the interiors lacked detail. Sure a few paintings and trash could be on the ground, but it's still gorgeous.
  15. It's a shame that fallujah west and other similar city maps weren't featured on squad. If a firs time time modder could do wonders with al basara imagine what the devs could do if they attempted a city map. My question is, are they holding back because they need more resources for it to be the way they want it? Are they waiting for helecopter infrastructure?