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  1. Link to a video showcasing it. I really think that squad has a lot of moments where I'm struggling to fire over obstacles or through windows due to stance limitations compared to said obstacles/windows height and I think this would make the game so much better. What are your thoughts??
  2. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    This isn't a dev issue, its a sever host issue. A lot of people don't enjoy playing militia/insurgents vs the conventional forces, so players that host servers will stick more to conventional vs conventional. The dislike for militia/insurgents is obvious too; when you lod into a game and look at the player counts for each team most people, are trying to get onto the other team if they are placed on militia/insurgents. Most can't find the fun in fighting players with scopes while they use iron sights and I can't blame them.
  3. Basically some times when in a cap zone the flag and capture progress bar that is supposed to appear in the top right of the players screen doesn't show at all and you have too look at the map to check if enemies are taking it. Its even worse when your attacking and there's no way of seeing if you are taking the flag at all. Ive only experienced this in RAAS and AAS. Its just really annoying nd hinders gameplay.