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  1. Helicopter pitch and roll controls

    Melbo, can you make a script like this: Increase thrust W Decrease thrust S Turn left A Turn right D Roll left LEFT ARROW Roll right RIGHT ARROW Tilt down/forward UP ARROW Tilt up/backward DOWN ARROW Would appreciate
  2. When you fire 1 bullet with any automatic rifle in A mode, you as the player shooting hear 1 shot being fired, and all the other players around hears a burst of 3-4 bullets. This bug destroys the immersion and makes it totally unrealistic. So right now basicly a player with a AK74 for instance, can one tap, 30 times, but to other players it sounds like he shoots 30x3 in one go without a reload. This has not been fixed all though its been like this for a very long time. When or will you ever fix this? Thank you.
  3. Helicopter pitch and roll controls

    I can only agree to this. There need to be more keybind options to the helicopter. I want to use UP DOWN for pitch and LEFT RIGHT for roll in the helicopter. Having just the mouse as axis is really bad.