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  1. Shot Effects

    Man I'd love to have that system, but I agree that's probably wishful thinking haha
  2. Still a race to the front though man. I'm trying to practice my helo piloting but until I'm on my new, faster connection I'll nearly always be behind SpeedyJoe(tm) and his broadband. If there was an asset squad support system, he'd still beat me to it. #publyf
  3. I'm giving up on this game.

    Still waiting for a cogent explanation as to how a persistence mechanic, as unrealistic as it is, turns this game into a brain-dead run-and-gun title that plays host to some of the most toxic communities on the planet.
  4. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    As a former soldier, that point about everyone being free to customise their weapons made me chuckle, OP. You're a real dreamer, kid. Some good points, all round. Some less so. Props to OWI for trying with more limited resources. Yeah, some aspects of the game could be better to distance itself from its vague hybrid qualities but even so its been more authentically enjoyable for me than multiplayer Battlefield or COD. They're just so same-ey and I doubt, unless something dramatically changes at EA/DICE that I would ever pick up a BF title again which is a shame given its origins and those of Squad/PR. Once you push a game too far in the realistic direction you start to have a ArmA/OF clone and while some elements of gameplay (i.e. buddy rallies) are inherently unrealistic it adds persistence, which is hugely important on the large layer sizes. Would I like to have a more in-depth player damage and medic system? Sure. But it'd be complicated as shit and would be challenging to effectively employ under fire given the game's current tempo and lack of a drag mechanic. Would I love a JTAC class? You bet your arse. Its redundant with map marking by SLs coupled with the new commander class though. Maybe this could be developed further and to that end I'm happy to wait. In the meantime, we just give thanks to baby Jebus and grab another ammo bag
  5. Any Scottish Clans out there?

    Can Scots understand one another on comms? God that'd be funny to listen to.
  6. ROADMAP - but why?

    Serve me some insights big boi
  7. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    This is the answer right here. You can't stop people who are dead set on playing in a coordinated, team environment from switching around. If they're keen, they'll switch, and if they coordinated team is winning, great. That to me is what Squad is about. I don't see how playing against a well coordinated clan team is any different to getting absolutely teabagged by a stacked team in COD, BF or literally any other shooter. At least here you don't have prestige douches trying to laud their mad skills over everyone.
  8. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    This. I remember when Bad Company first touted destructible scenery as the next big thing, courtesy of Frostbite. Was it neat at first? Sure. Its never been that great, though, and there were always exceptions to how widely it operated, and just what could actually be destroyed. I ended up growing frustrated with it. Shanghai's central tower in BF4 springs to mind. This was the pinnacle of levolution at the time. But its grandeur was its own downfall. It didn't matter what the actual objective was, the sole foci of each team in that map was always destroying that tower. It made each round in Shangai a repetitive, mundane, brawling shitstorm - so much so I ended up just playing as commander so I could tomahawk the morons jostling over the roof. I'm hoping Squad ends up being so much more than that.
  9. I mean, if you find yourself in a squad full of jerks that'll happen. Kudos to immersing yourself in the community at 14. I'd recommend being as helpful as possible while saying less. If you're yelling and screaming that's probably interfering with peoples' experience, but if you're being helpful and not crowding comms I don't think anyone has any real reason to pick on you dude. My $0.02,
  10. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is finding it frustrating! I used to use the keyboard to pilot helos in Battlefield 2, etc and I'm finding the mouse adjustment really bloody hard!