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  1. Alpha 16.1 Released

    How big is the update? My Steam seems to have big problems. The GB count goes up, and up, and now exceeds 10 GB. This came right into my gaming evening
  2. Hallo, I am a 32 years old German Squad player. I have some 150 + hours in Squad, I mostly play on the We Love Squad Germany servers (if the queue allows joining in acceptable time). I often take SL role and try my best regarding teamwork and tactics. If not SL, I usually play Medic, or normal infantry. In terms of map, I prefer the east european ones, especially Narva (fav i guess), Yerovika (you know which I mean) and Gorodork (is it spelled like that?). However, Id like to have more non-desertish urban enviroments. My gaming experience does NOT include PR, but I am a Operation Flashpoint veteran. I daresay that game still holds my hours record. I have a lot of modding experience (mapping) for Source Engine (CSS/CSGO), including 3d modelling. I want to try to create a map for Squad. Once I have some relevant progress you can expect me to open a thread in the modding section. I guess thats it for now!