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  1. Sound distortion

    Squaddies What headset are you using and do you get distortion in Squad? I was using a Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 with 4 drivers per ear, the sound was FANTASTIC in Squad. Literally the best in-game sound I have heard. But they were about 10 years old and died a couple of months back. I replaced with SteelSeries Arctis Pro +GameDAC which sadly, for a premium and very expensive headset, is woeful in Squad and other games I've tested it in. I get really bad distortion on all and any explosions and any bassy in-game sound. Anyone else using this headset and what's your experience? These Steelseries are immersion breakers IMO. I have DTS off, so they are just stereo unfortunately. With DTS on, very poor sound, everything is distant, footsteps, own gunfire, sounds like its 50 yards away, rubbish. What headsets are people using for the best possible sound in Squad? Is there anything OWI can do to improve sound in general for headsets? Is the distortion anything that can be made better for what are mostly now all stereo headsets?
  2. Alpha v16 broke client

    Yep. Its screwed basically. Can no longer play Squad since it updated to v16. *** Update: After multiple download attempts, 2 complete uninstalls and cleaning up anything left over, downloading and reinstalling a 3rd or 4th time, it is now working again. No explanation or idea why it took so much effort to fix or what the actual cause was. May have been Steam and corrupted files. Who knows.
  3. Alpha v16 broke client

    Yep. Its screwed basically. Can no longer play Squad since it updated to v16.....
  4. Alpha v16 broke client

    Hi OWI Been playing Squad for about 15 months, since v10 I think it was, possibly v9 but a way back. Never had any issues with the client itself. Since downloading v16 yesterday, can no longer access Squad. It seems to be in a continuous update on Steam, hours and days (even months) of time left and throws up the error below; " Steam - Error An error occurred while updating Squad (corrupt content files): c:\program files (x86)\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\squad\squadgame\content\paks\pakchunk7-windowsnoeditor.pak See the Steam support site for more information " I have followed the steps on Steam support, cleared the cache etc. I have reinstalled the full game client. I have checked the files in \paks - I have noticed that at times there appears to be about 20 .pak files, with 7 always missing, Steam continues to try and update and the \pak folder fluctuates on how many .pak files it contains. Can't find a way around it, can no longer play the game. Fairly sure I wont be the only one with this issue, seen similar in searches, but not the exact error message. Please advise. Vin