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  1. Saudi Arabia, cant really think of why though, its not like the game is blocked in the country, I will be changing ISP's soon though so ill see if the problem still carries over
  2. I wish I could list them all but if you can think of it I most likely did it. Also, I've actually found out that using a VPN fixes the issue, as far as I can tell at least, so I just pick a server, turn off the VPN, and click join, but the thing that I can't figure out is, the game isn't blocked in my country, and theres no hajis getting killed so its not my ISP blocking it, so im thinking there's some weird networking issue with Squad
  3. no one at all can offer any advice?
  4. Hi! I have been having this issue since I have purchased Squad, I have tried every single trick under the sun to try to fix it, I was so hopeful that Alpha 16 might fix this huge issue that's plaguing so many people want to be part of the experience, but unfortunately either the dev team isn't aware of this issue or have chosen to put it on the back burner. So to anyone that isn't aware, some Squad users have been having issues with the Squad server browser showing only a select few and sometimes no servers at all for you to join, in my case the only servers that show up for me are Chinese 400 ping and Russian 300 ping servers, this is the majority and if im really lucky and made it onto Santa's good list I'll sometimes get desirable servers that aren't deserted and have a healthy player amount with a ping of 150 or less. I'm currently living in Saudi Arabia so im no stranger to gaming with low ping, I can get by with it and you'd be surprised how high your ping can get before a game becomes unplayable (for squad its about 170), so when the discord server for Squad told me that the possible answer is that squad was filtering out high ping servers and only showing me the ones within my range was completely wrong, if anything the server browser should've been showing me only the European servers who on average have a ping of ~120 and below for me instead of the Chinese and Russian servers. Im posting this in hopes that someone from the Squad dev team or maybe even someone that has direct contact to the dev team can help me out, I understand that sometimes some bugs can't be fixed unless they're reproducible, so if at any point someone from the dev team happens to see this and would like for me to become a test subject I will gladly help out in any way I can. Please if you've got the time put any possible fixes you can think of here, and ill try them all one more time as a last-ditch effort, and, if you've had this same issue, please reach out to me as im pretty desperate. Thank you for reading this far, have a nice day