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  1. Tactical Map Timelapse

    Hey fellow players/devs, I like Squad especially because of its tactical and strategic element. Therefore I'd love to have/see a tactical timelapse of the squad map roughly like this here after the game, as it puts your and your teams efforts of the match into perspective. In order to get the necessary data I was thinking of recording a demo, parsing out the necessary information and do some postprocessing outside of the game to get something like a gif or a video. Problem is that I could not find anything about the structure of the demo-file. => Does anyone know: more about the file-format of unreal-engine/squad-demo-files? about any other efforts in that directions? an easier way to get this done? Any help welcome. Cheers PHeanEX
  2. Devel Help

    @Bernard thanks for the gerneal tip on how to use a forum @Raging-death thanks for the link. Thats exactly i was looking for. I did not find that in the depths of this forum => If you are still looking for someone, you could increase visibility if you put it in the official FAQ
  3. Devel Help

    Maybe also a question for the FAQ: Do you guys need help with development? And if so in what area./ What kind of expertise do you expect/need. Additionally and maybe interesting for others too: How do you develop this game (language/framework/Tools/collaboration tools/quality assurance/...)