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  1. The main idea here is that squads will be able to have a unique role and purpose in the platoon, for example: Helicopter Squad, Platoon Command Squad, Spacial Forces Squad ( Might have spacial weapons ). With this system each squad has an actual purpose in the platoon, and this is how it will work - when the game starts anybody will be able to create squads or join them exactly how it works at the moment but at the staging phase each squad leader will be able to request a squad role for his squad. If the purpose of his squad is to crew an helicopter then he will request to become an Helicopter Squad, if he would like to lead the whole platoon then he will request to be the Platoon Command Squad, and at the end of the staging phase the game will choose randomly between the squads who requested the same role and it will choose the amount of needed squads of this role. For example if 3 squads requested to be Helicopter Squads the game will choose only 2 of the 3 randomly because the platoon needs only 2 helicopters. In this system you don't have to just run as fast as you can to pick the helicopter first or have a good internet connection and an ssd in order to even have a chance to become a pilot, and this solves the helicopter issue. However this system isn't only usable for the helicopter addition, it gives any squad a purpose, for example one squad can request to become a spacial forces squad and this will give them spacial equipment like maybe night vision in the future and their objective would be to go behind enemy lines and other squad can request to lead the whole platoon and so on. In conclusion the squad roles system is effective, fair and gives every squad a purpose in the platoon! p.s - not all squad leaders have to choose a squad role, which is completely fine and gives the squad leaders an opportunity to create their own role in the squad which isn't a formal role of the game.