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  1. nope imho it sucks. Dubstep or whatever music is called nowadays does not fit at all with trhe game. Prolly cause I am also old... Im like the music as it currently is... Corroded could creat a intro song though. :) Like in BF. Good song. Good lyrics.
  2. Vault over certain objects

    I suggested that the Develpoers should make a function where You hold in the Space bar and then the Character can strenously climb over the Object. Obviously slower and fall over and scrape knee etc :) Not like the Freerunnners :)
  3. Lo lo all Would it make sense to have a chat function on the Forums?
  4. SQUAD - the Cheesy Tactical Guide

    gg... Good Guide... B)
  5. On screen map zoom in and out

    I use the "Enter" map 90% of the time. Unfortunately You can not communicate via this map so I toggle between the "Enter" Map and "M" map. Sometimes get confused on what map I am and start asking stuff and wonder why I do not get answers. I suggest to get rid of the "M" map entirely and make the "Enter" map with Comms functional. On the "Enter" Map You can zoom in and Out as You wish and when You are in the "M" Map it actually stays zoomed as you where in the "Enter" map. Hope this helps.
  6. AAS last flag defence fob or no fob

    I am a still learning SL never played PR etc but I often try and play it. I try to build a FOB outside Cap. then fortify it for extra hard acess. Wire and what not. Then I request building Ammo furthest possible cover from FOB. Place a few in the vicinity especially when I see guys are dug in and need the Ammo. No running around smoking dodgying bullets. Only way you can take my boys out is maybe nades if you get close enough or 203's. Still want to build a FOB hidden well then build a fake enclosure so they attack that FFOB (fake forward operating base) hehehe...
  7. Weapons' Authenticity

    I hope they get it right! Sound wise and operations wise. I know for a fact an AK47 could only shoot accurately for a 50m's in the 70's and 80's... That is why the SADF and all those Guys really made the SWAPO's life hard with their R1 and R3. Which was an Israeli Gun FN- FAL Fusil Automatique Léger ("Light Automatic Rifle")... Would be intresting to see SQUAD develop a Border War Mod or map...
  8. Alpha 3.9 Released

    wd!!! When Do You guys and gals sleep? :P Still need a sound effect when You re- supply though. Also it would be cool if you can't jump a wall that You could hold in the Space bar and climb over it. Running my :unsure: :wacko: off on occasions...
  9. Bullets not registering

    I can concur. Saw blood flying from myself and the hit animation yet I did not bleed on the 12.01.2016 on the SA Capetown Server. But this was only once...
  10. South African Server?

    Will be attacking it on the 12.01.2016!!! round about 20:00... So come join for easy kills... :P
  11. South African Server?

    SA server's are up I believe there are two. Good Hunting Ladies and Gentlemen.
  12. Server files for GamersInc

    SA server is up. I believe there are actually two.
  13. Squad is pleased to welcome 3 new Moderators

    Geizhals... Stingy Little Pony... :P Give any guy your finest beer if he visits your Country... That is the least you can do. Radeberger z.B. In Namibia you would enjoy the finest Tafel Lager or Windhoek Lager or our almost World Famous Camelthorn Weissbier. You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. Frank Zappa Many battles have been fought and won by soldiers nourished on beer. Frederick the Great
  14. Base Raping

    Remember one thing. They may have a beautiful K/D ratio... yet no Teamplay score. So basically they just suck. If I get baseraped I just hide and try and find a way out the back. Also very often a FOB or RP is up... I truly hope that the Game does not have a K/D point system which encourages BR. They should make a kill 2 points or 5 Points only.
  15. Cheating

    Intresting... I had that bug as well with the sound... That I hear gun shots close by and then I went and hunted the person... Yet I could find nobody there just the Shots sounds... Weird... Me running in circles ducking and what not... Luckily I was all allone and no body saw me... Hopefully... they must have thought I am Shellshocked. :)