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  1. why we cant destory trees ?

    Just wow It is a single actor, specifically instanced mesh component Yeah you can, like, bring down the tree with Update Instance Transform (add rotation to it) while never taking it out of a single actor that contains all other trees. Or you can Get Instance Transform, then Remove Instance then spawn some cool destructible actor with that transform, that will disappear in like 5 seconds, while all other trees stay inside the instanced mesh component http://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Components/InstancedStaticMesh/ Proving that is saying air contains oxygen. There's ue4 api 101 for you, but you can keep on rejecting, flat earthers do just fine, you can too.
  2. why we cant destory trees ?

    I see you still don't get it. Lets look back at your first post, you proposed that every tree has to be it's own actor to be destructible. Do you see where are you wrong now? He said it's possible (requires work) = just like I did You said it's impossible for a reason that does not exists Learn to admit your mistakes
  3. why we cant destory trees ?

    I said it before, there's no actual need for destruction crysis-like. What is actually more suitable for large scale multiplayer is just performing a rotation operation to the tree. Just like in arma. No physics, nothing fancy, but it works, not really a feature you build a game around.
  4. why we cant destory trees ?

    It's not an easy task for a tank (depending on a size of a tree), if you impose limitations like instant slowdown then the count of these events will be low. (whatever happens for JIP during loading is not really a concern) Tho the amount of tanks flying into the skies will go up
  5. why we cant destory trees ?

    "you can't unscrew this" "no you can, here's the screwdriver and a video tutorial on how to use it" "PROVE IT REEEEEE" Lol you're thick. Okay let's discuss that, my time is not free but if you're willing to pay I will implement working system and release it. PM me
  6. why we cant destory trees ?

    That's why I said don't try to explain things you don't understand. And you're not going anywhere with your dares If you want to learn something and get rid of ignorance then you can start with UE docs you've linked. Like there: http://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Components/InstancedStaticMesh/ Then try it yourself. edit: oh btw, be sure to check out this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1791267848 apparently (i didn't see it in action yet though) he's done all the work already: Resource Gathering - Rock boulders, trees, and woodpiles can be harvested for resources. Only difference is it's triggered by a player (which is probably much heavier on replication because there's a lot more players in the world than tanks runing over trees at the same time.)
  7. why we cant destory trees ?

    You still don't get it do you It's done once and works for any InstancedStaticMeshCopmponent on any map.
  8. why we cant destory trees ?

    Just like in any modern engine. And you can take any single tree out of that chunk and do whatever. Like arma does. It's not even heavy on replication since everyone has the same set at the beginning, you just need to figure out how to effectively load latest state for those who join later. tl;dr don't try to explain things you don't understand. here's one quick google result for you: OWI hate this guy! Learn how he got interactive instanced trees with this one simple blueprint! ofc it would require a lot more work to do in a real game but it's perfectly doable. (doesn't even needs to be an actor, just apply rotation to an instance like arma does)
  9. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    You asked for specific mentions and I gave you that Now you as always trying to twist it into your own world picture. Truth is - this is how it was advertised to backers, but what if they said it's going to be much more arcadey version right off the start? Probably wouldn't raise enough on kickstarter. But who knows. Clearly that is not working hence the never ending threads like this one.
  10. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    That FAQ line is pretty specific in my book:
  11. New Map: Grozny

    Yeah well I doubt that. Once upon a time I wanted to practice architectural modelling (no maps intended) and did that, it is still pretty bad and doesn't match the real one very good, but no way something bodged together out of existing assets will ever come any close to immersive map. Hope I'll have some time when I'm done with my other projects to finish that tho
  12. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Oh, also regarding your spoiler. If there's no actual need in the transport now (has been mentioned many times already), let's say your idea with points works. Do you expect some guy coming at you in a truck saying: "PSSST, BRUH, WANNA SOME TRANS SOMEWHERE? REAL QUICK"
  13. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    deal with it dude not your fault, you didn't choose it being advertised as PR successor but you'll have to endure the fact that it is totally not it's own niche but still a copy of PR (not very good one at it) now we're back to the point when Zylfrax said it's just best to stagnate all the way to the end. Changes can piss off some part of players and attract another at the same time. We're not sitting on a bomb or something (only part from a bomb is time, the more you wait the less any changes will affect anything)
  14. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    I'd be happy to take my refund for kickstarter that piggybacked on PR tho sadly that's not possible. But you can't say it's pointless because you've never tried, and no one tried, it's just OWI has this weird attempt to not copy PR while still copying like 80% of it and not making it work correctly in the process.
  15. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    That is one stupid and irrelevant question. But there's your short answer: no Somewhat longer one: we have an example of perfectly working and balanced model including both fobs and rp's, and we keep referring to it, how on the earth this question appeared i have no idea