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  1. July Community Roundtable

    what exactly could be good about it? rallies now mostly are used as primary spawns, imagine when they can stay there forever - FOBs are even more obsolete. and i doubt it will slow down anyting (not with this tiny 90s timer), in fact it can take more than 90s to reset rally with current system so they're just making it faster, now instead of 1-2 guys contributing to meatgrinder continuously you'll have the whole squad. tl;dr looks like worst decision so far.
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    lol. have you ever heard of fobs? the whole rally refreshing meta / mechanics is flawed and retarded. you're supposed to have logistics running and have fobs built, not relying on rallies. it has to have not only short TTL but some significant cooldown to refresh (like 5 minutes) then there will be no more meatgrinder.
  3. Cpu affinity

    not really. limiting # of cores the game can use will hurt your fps badly. whoever says squad uses 1 core is bullshitting you or just does not knows himself, and whoever needs to manipulate affinity might just want to bypass EAC as well. (HT might be an exception, I don't have HT cores so I didn't test it) if you really want to try, more logical solution would be to set a couple of cores for every other process on your system while leaving all of them available for the game, but it won't help anyway.
  4. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    We have enough "any FPS" and this isn't one of them
  5. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    This is the wrong part. Replace "players" with "squads" or "teams" I don't want bad players to drag down the rest of the squad \ team but I also don't want to replace them with some wannabe-cyber-athletes. This worked good in PR. PR's spiritual successor, remember?
  6. [3D] Unity Photogrammetry Workflow

    I'd recommend a setup like this (20$ for tripod and 10$ for a selfie-stick with 3/4 mount) to scan bigger objects and especially large parts of tree trunks also handy for getting as much angles from single position as you want
  7. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    but they are very active in discord. forums is just so 2005
  8. That's how you get a microscopic gun compared to some rock on the ground Common approach in 99% games for this is drawing the gun on the layer above everyting else by wiping z-buffer before rendering the gun. And i suppose it will be done in A10
  9. Ping !!! V9

    it's not ping, if you hover over icon it says "latency" latency in ue4 takes into account your FPS, server's tickrate and ping
  10. Mic Spam

    SLs spam a lot of irrelevant shit into sl channel, even with numpads introduced
  11. Release: Alpha Version 9

    dropped from min 49 to 43-44 for me
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    You see, I actually don't like most of the things devs did. And i'm going to make my own (things), using photogrammetry and stuff, having lots of fun with it. Not sure how far I can go about it but I see the reason why they didn't make 100% accurate model, its not Lada Racing Club after all.
  13. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    There will be your open squad so people can join, or someone's else. Or you can ask in chat if there are REALLY no other spots, someone will open IF you ask. You did not pay me to be let in, I do not owe you or anyone else anything, I bought this game to enjoy it with friends, I do not care if you think this is wrong. If I want my squad to be locked right now, on a licensed servers I have a right to kick anyone for any reason as it's stated in guidelines for admins who have a license, so be it, I'll do just that and that will cause a lot more damage than just some locked squads.
  14. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    wow I see a lot of people enjoy getting kicked and lose their kit being left with 2 mags
  15. Mini-map

    yeah that's the point, might as well just get another used cheap monitor just to have that minimap constantly open. helps a lot if you're an SL