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  1. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    I have a story to tell about that Back in 2009-2011 in our russian part of the internet we've had an argument with arma guys (the "real" mil-sim, with formations and stuff) They didn't like how PR is all about limitations. You can't do this, can't do that, there's flags, etc, so PR was equal to battlefield for them. But while they've had all the sandbox freedom and realism in their games, they had 1 life per game. And that detail only determined how the game is played in every aspect and who exactly plays it. IIRC only 3-4 communities in the world doing that sort of TvT games. Idk why it's hard for people to understand the power of game design, maybe this will help. (also with understanding that squad is nowhere near the middle ground it claims to be)
  2. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Yep. Why would I defend a flag? Boring. I can just rush to the next one, get my share of shoot'em'up there and teleport back to continue. It is not only about flags. You have all the tools given to you (instead of taken away) to just have constant action at any point of the game. Leaving the flag undefended still happens in PR frequently if you didn't notice. But then it's either "walk from main" due to not having any fobs and magical RP's or team effort to regroup and get things right.
  3. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    See highlight. You're mixing up cause and effect. BF has a set of rules and everyone plays by that set like in any other game. So we're still on "it is game's fault" point. Yes squad might punish a bit more but that doesn't really matter that much due to the fact that a regular grunt still might have fun having 40:0 K/D at the end, win or lose makes no difference. That is the consequence of weird "neither fish nor fowl" game design overall which tries to copy PR and fails at important details that are making the entire design viable.
  4. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    You're still saying the same thing tho. The game defines player behavior, not it's age. **most effective AND easiest, like you still need to join squads for kits, etc
  5. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Well then hop in to BF3 or BC2 for example. It has been around for long enough, and it's obsolete so there's only some "dedicated fans" left. Still plays the same. It's always the game's fault, people just play the most effective and easiest way.
  6. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Simplified and forgiving game mechanics is not incentivizing the use of any of it?
  7. Have you thought that people you've been searching for aren't playing anymore because, well, the game is just boring, so you can't really ask them since they're not on the servers?
  8. Feedback on current development.

    As already been pointed out you're just guessing things again. Squad is ~30% of PR and the only one in the world who doubts that seems to be you. Try to research more before posting further, also use my post as a reference since it has all the main difference points. @Marco so do you think there's only players like you exist? There's different types of "new players" to draw. By the game's nature you'd want to draw people closer to the milsim side just to have anyone willing to SL (you know, those guys who basically make or break the game for everyone)
  9. Feedback on current development.

    squad: - hurr durr imma teleport across map muh buddy RP is not expiring anyway throw bodies at the flag / rinse and repeat / SL = dumb rp dispenser - hardly any map has it's territory utilised more than 30% or is just sumari, god forbid you do otherwise are you ****ing insane THATS BORING U SHUT UP AND GO FIGHT FOR THAT SINGLE BARN PR: - actual and meaningful RP(emergency/backup point) and FOBs (main point) system making teams obliged to have supply lines and at least some degree of coordination, resulting in better gameplay for SL's and therefore for everyone else - Gunplay/supression leveling the field while still allowing rambo-style but making it a lot harder to execute = less lonewolfing - better maps and layouts design (cap ranges much bigger = positional warfare) These are just a few basic things. Now I look into my mysterious sphere and predict what you'll say: BUT WAIT FOR CHOPPERS NOONE WILL BOTHER WITH LOGIS - no, there's a lot of maps without helis BUT ITS TOO MILSIM FORMATIONS BLAH BLAH BLAH - no, PR never was any close to milsim BUT STEAM KIDS WILL NOT BUY ITS TOO NICHE - no, PR had 3000+ daily just like squad, and it was a mod for an obsolete game already You really have nothing better to do than just arguing all day and going over the same thing again and again? Might as well try it yourself.
  10. Feedback on current development.

    You didn't read but it has been answered in this thread. Take your time, read carefully.
  11. Feedback on current development.

    It's essentially the same. 1. The game is being announced to PR community exclusively, including the "everything but name" line that is still present on the FAQ page to this day. There is no possible way former PR dev members wouldn't understand what exactly that means. Even if taking "spiritual" in account. note: I'm fine with it not being 1:1 clone but there's just a fart instead of spirit for now. 2. Gets advertised further and funded by said community and whoever it managed to convince. 3. Years later, a company employee makes a public statement about the future way of that company's product, fully supporting original premise from p.1 4. The product goes in the opposite direction. A decent thing for a conscientious company to do would be: 1. Make official statement about the final vision. How are we supposed to understand that? Even inside OWI there's no real agreement on that seems like. 4 years passed, time to decide. 2. For those backers who is not satisfied with that vision (as well has less than N hours ingame) offer a refund of their kickstarter pack. I'm sure with whatever copies they've sold they can afford that easily. Whatever happens with the game after that then will be none of our business really.
  12. Feedback on current development.

    Man you've completely stopped any fact checking and thought before posting. No one is mad at them for trying to keep selling the game, it's the false advertising (not a single one too) that is the problem. Let's hear your explanation about why it is not bad, I'm sure it will be interesting
  13. Feedback on current development.

    You still keep missing the details. It WAS PR team members who promised "spiritual successor to PR in everything but name" and who received the funding, everyone knows what exactly they have promised and to who exactly, in fact they did it again about a year ago (when the new "old" game designer were hired from PR team he actually promised to move towards PR on it's forums and failed again) You don't see any bigger picture for the reasons that has been told to you a lot of times, you see only what you want and keep wasting time being a plug for every barrel and trying to change someone's mind in every thread. Flat earthers. Probably I've missed the day when lying has become okay in the industry, and now I think the only way out of this is public apology and a refund for backers tbh
  14. Feedback on current development.

    Lol idk how do you expect people to take what you say seriously. It's actually the opposite.
  15. why we cant destory trees ?

    Just wow It is a single actor, specifically instanced mesh component Yeah you can, like, bring down the tree with Update Instance Transform (add rotation to it) while never taking it out of a single actor that contains all other trees. Or you can Get Instance Transform, then Remove Instance then spawn some cool destructible actor with that transform, that will disappear in like 5 seconds, while all other trees stay inside the instanced mesh component http://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Components/InstancedStaticMesh/ Proving that is saying air contains oxygen. There's ue4 api 101 for you, but you can keep on rejecting, flat earthers do just fine, you can too.