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  1. I just spent an hour in the helicopter training tutorial and I love it. Sure there are some things that need ironing out but the rest of the community seem to have those issues covered. I would like to talk about the controls and how limiting they are in terms of only being able to use a mouse or joystick to roll and pitch. I know to a lot of people think this will sound stupid, but I think this suggestion will open up more comfort to people who either don't like flying with a mouse, or who don't have or like using a joystick. The suggestion I have is to allow users to assign each axis of both pitch and roll to a key. So for example pitch up could be assigned "S" and pitch down could be assigned "W". Roll left could be "A" and roll right could be "D" (these examples are just my preference). I really found the ArmA 2 controls for helicopters and airplanes very comfortable. I could never enjoy flying with a mouse because of how delayed it felt compared to a joystick. But I never really enjoyed joysticks because it's too much on my desk. Anyways just a preference that I think other people would also like. Another suggestion I have with the helicopter is regards to collective. Have two types of collective controls. Realistic and simplistic. The current form would be the realistic where it is progressive. The simplistic form would have the idle collective set to 45% (the hover state). Holding the collective Up key would set the collective to 100% and releasing the key would return the collective back to 45%. Holding the collective Down key would set the collective to 0% and once again releasing would return the collective to 45%. Thank you for reading this.