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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: albertors Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/albertors/ Discord: Reezo#8947 Primary Language(s): English Age: 38 Timezone or Region: GMT+1 (Berlin) Nature of Interest: Casual + MilSim, I hope I am allowed to use the plus sign: I do have fun "seriously" but there's a mixture of laidback and milsim vibe that I find healthy. Obviously anybody's "healthy" mix is different and I cannot impose or pre-determine my expectation but playing a lot of military simulators I learnt that it's good to put it up front. Gaming Background: Huge past with ArmA 2 and lots of fps shooters. I still die very nicely under enemy fire. Additional Skills: I like to start simple, at the bottom, and quite possibly stay there and enjoy the ride with respect and teamwork. Status: "Signed as Recruit"
  2. Hi everyone, the door was open and I allowed myself in. Nice place you have! I am 38, living in Berlin, I have a past with ArmA 2, years ago and then stopped playing everything until recently. I guess my life is either much better or much for worse.. this I can't tell you for sure. I'll be looking for a group of players to start as a clean sleigh, I don't tolerate wannabe military but I do enjoy serious teamwork with a fun approach that keeps the morale up, the bullets flowing the in the right direction and the aim true. The occasional belch or farts are also fine. I'd like to start as if I knew nothing and was treated as such. I am awesome at looking dumb, trust me, but I also do care a lot about learning. Well, that's it! See you on either side of the barrel!