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  1. First impressions on helicopters. Training mission only. Piloting only. Handling Way too easy to accelerate from slow speeds Accelerated -4 to 43 knots in two-three meters distance when I accidentally dropped the nose. That is too fast. Inertia is off It feels very arcade like and hollow. In low speeds it is too sensitive. Not the tail rotor how ever, it feels sluggish at all speeds. These does not feel like heavy lifters, these big helicopters need to demand some respect from the user. Yaw Yaw is sluggish and it is true at all speeds, not only high speeds where it should(!) be sluggish Quick stops / Turns Tried a quickstop maneuver that is easiest described as a sideways flare. Spent 2h on this maneuver alone. This is conducted by turning either way aggressively having the fuselage tilted 90 degrees, applying rear rotor in the direction of the turn, pulling back hard on the stick and sliding along the flight path with the belly of the fuselage facing original direction of travel aligned with the horizon. Even though I have the full side tilt with the main rotor facing fully away from the direction of flight it does not produce the expected result. It went into a rather wide turn instead of slowing down at an accelerated pace. I did however notice that if you let the rear rotor fall lower the nose and do not keep the airframe aligned with the horizon the the flare is more effective. The game seems to interpret that pitching up above the horizon as the main means of deaccelerating and not the lift from the main rotor. The airframe itself when sideways does not seem to generate lift, or have the inertia set up perfectly, so even if I hold the aggressive turn for too long it does not fall sideways towards the ground. Spontaneously it feels that the game at the moment does not handle the lift from the rotors properly. Failures Autorotation Would love if you added it Tailrotor failure Love the panicked spinning It seems to maintain the spinning at the same altitude Needs to be correctable at perfect conditions with a good pilot Crashes Alarms - Great Warning Lights - Great Tumbeling, rolling and the dust that kicks up. Lovely. Can already hear my panicked passengers on local speech crying out in despair and anger over my poor flight skills. Love it. Controls Could not invert the mouse for helicopter. This was a grand contributor to my crashes. Did not try the joystick yet Collective slider with keyboard is to inprecise. A single tap of the key and you go up 5%. Looks Nice machines Nice details Final notes You will always be compared with ARMA and I do think that you can match, or outperform, ARMA if given time. I am sorry that I as well make the comparison. ARMA helicopters pilots needs to put in allot of hours to excel under fire. And it rewards the player with the ability to fix situations and failures that newer pilots could not resolve. Other games choose to have a more arcade approach were failures are always fatal and not resolvable. I do believe that you have the intention to give us incentives and rewards for putting in the training hours. If you haven't already tried please try to reach out to Dslyecxi at ShackTactical. He is a good instructor, judging from his video tutorials, and through these videos commands respect from the online flying community. His comments could prove to be of assistance to you in your endeavor. I have been flying transport helicopter in every game that have allowed me to so I hope, and believe, you will do a great work with this aspect as you already have done with the others parts that are implemented into the game. You have already created a great game! Keep your spirits high and stay motivated! //Primetarget83 [SMIL]