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  1. British Helicopter: Puma HC2

    we only need medium helis. Heavy helis maybe in the future.
  2. Helicopter Issue that needs addressing

    Dude, there should be tools to restrict the heli use and it should be in charge of the server owners. So the SQUAD developers are really missing in delivering features for their clients that are the server owners.
  3. Helicopters are too blulletproof

    Well, it is faster than what it is right now.
  4. INS/MIL need a way to move around map fast. Maybe its time to buff their bikes. It is not fair when conventional factions can do a choppered budy rally and spawn the entire team when you do not have means to also move quickly.
  5. Helicopters are too blulletproof

    UH-60 can go up to 220 Knots Mi-8 up to 150 knots My points summarized This is the real thing, I do not see why not 220 knots These helis are pretty much invulnerable and unstoppable. Low speed like 90 or below allow a TOW shot, I have done those shots and other people did. It is a medium difficult TOW shot. The flight mechanics are crap, from experience i know they coded the easiest way possible just to get it done. Speed and maneuverability >>>(way better than)>>>>> invulnerability
  6. BTR is spawning flipped on the V16
  7. Helicopter Joystick Support

    That is true, their flight model is crappy. But the joystick is a cool feature that also goes for armor. Is an extra that makes it cooler.
  8. Helicopters are too blulletproof

    I think you did not Read anything. I said LESS ARMOR/hull health ----- MORE SPEED 200 to 250 knots I survive the entire match without dying a single time on the heli. It does not make sense a 30mm or AA hit me multiple times and I can easily get away. At least on the mod a few shots from 30mm or AA and you were ****ed. These helis are too strong for my taste. Speed also makes for the element of surprise, 100 knots is not fast.
  9. Helicopters guns ideas vs what we have

    "when they are severely mismatched in that role." You said everything here. When you are in the position of providing CAS you can use a transport Heli to do that. Offcourse they do not use that or intend to use a UH-60 as a dedicated CAS platform. However it is common to see these helis with much more firepower than a M240. Right now you simple cannot shoot back at a Technical but they can shoot at you. You simple cannot self-defend yourself or the troops you dropped or are about to pickup. Firepower is essential.
  10. Collective sensitivity

    Their flight model need a complete rework. The helis response to commands are too quickly, they have no momentum. No drag. It is like they are slidding in butter. you simply cant use ground effect or air drag or even ground drag to slow you down or make your movements.
  11. Flight model physics

    You can try using the meshes from the loaded model, import on meshlab and create a step file. You can run a very basic Aerodynamic model it only requires 3 differential equations. More meshes of course makes it better but for gaming purposes and GPU limitations we can run a less than a 100K meshes simulations in any GPU quite fast without lagging. The momentum physics are not hard either, you can copy for other simulation software for robotics. The flght controls they are the hardest to implement and need multiple iterations and tweeking.
  12. Helicopters guns ideas vs what we have

    Does this answer your miss knowledge? side 50 cal UH-60G can carry the following weapons as side gun: M134 Minigun M2 (.50 cal) and its variants M240B FN MINIMI M249 M60 They also tested a few experimental weapons like the .50cal gattling gun. Pretty much anything. The Air Force load them according to their need, mission, weight considerations..... Any Helicopter like the UH-60 and Mi-8 are also used as a tactical element to provide aerial support to the troops on the ground. That is another misconception of your comment. It is not only self-defense.
  13. Helicopter Joystick Support

    SUPER, full joystick support. most of them have a thumb button that allows you to freelook.
  14. Separate mouse sensitivity for helis

    it already has, the landing camera. Plus you can configure keybindings on your computer to change that too
  15. The invasion version that has the insurgent main close to radio does not allow FOB emplacements on Radio station due to proximity to insurgent main