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  1. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    Again, it is not a matter of accuracy, it is a matter of the fact the projectile is shooting from your knee and not your gun, laying down in some areas and not ADSing can cause you to shoot the ground at your face and not out of the gun that is level with the ground. Edit: (note) This is not bullet drop, this is literally the bullet shooting from your legs and at point blank ranges your (nonADS) hipfire will not kill someone because of this strange (Yes it is) bug because you are shooting them in the legs while they are shooting you in the face/chest. Nice comment but...
  2. OMG BEFORE YOU TELL ME SOME BULLSHIT, READ THE POST! okay, so, there seems to be a bug on the test server where the bullets on the hip fire are literally no where near the center of the screen and are consistantly shooting (accurately I may add) to the bottom of the Xhair, not sure what was changed or why but this does not seem normal to me whatsoever, I understand that the hip fire bla bla blah, is't supposed to be accurate but it IS accurate, just in the wrong place. (taken in a- As you can see, the center of my screen is not where my bullet landed and to the left of the landed point you can see many accurate shots have been made with the hipfire, I believe this to be a bug. Also, while laying down you are unable in most places to shoot from the hip.
  3. Helicopter Issue that needs addressing

    The problem is self solving, today I was in a game and there was one guy waiting on the chopper after an unplanned disassembly took place. My point is that people will eventually try the chopper, fail, get frustrated and stop trying to fly and those that are good will get better and learn to not crash as often. I also want to say that currently there is really no need to include more than two of each pilot class anyway, just a waste of resources TBH, but there again, people are learning to not just grab pilot kits anymore too so just another self solving problem.
  4. British Helicopter: Puma HC2

    Look at us... Suggesting Helos like peasants, we should be asking for A-10 Warhogs.
  5. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    There aren't any necro rules here it seems, kinda crazy.
  6. Stamina and shooting

    Are you serious?
  7. NovaWorld community - get them right here.

    Feels like an AD, down for more people to play with but still. Edit: Yeah, it's a necro and an AD... Yikes.
  8. I kind of agree, I think having a larger city map in the game would encourage better teamplay but I fear the devs will take the Narva approach and make it a sniper's dream funhouse of shooting gallery death. Not to mention the tanks in Squad are not like BF in that most armor shoot HE rounds that can kill whole squads in a single shot. Maybe there needs to be something said about allowing people to climb to the top of buildings to snipe and putting bushes around for people to sit in them. My honest opinion here... I just don't think S2S combat is really suited to Squad, I just think that the game would just be a death match even with flags there would be rally squashing and shit fobing everywhere.
  9. No Shadow has to go quick

    So I am a pretty shit modder but the things I make normally change how things work so drastically that I need to make really janky (albeit functional) workarounds and I feel no different with this topic. If you bake shadows and then darken all models as if they are in shade using the LOD you can make targets that hide in shadows much harder to see with no resource cost to the end user; Yes this will make players in the fields much easier to see but let's be real here, you are likely to spot them either way, same goes for someone up close inside your LOD distance you are likely to spot them or hear them anyway. I would rather push the issues to the extreme close range and unlikely not spotting people in fields then to the normality of spotting everyone everywhere.
  10. You can dismiss me all you like but my point stands, having more information is always better than not. I can't tell you you are complaining about having the markers placable in the gamemode or of you are complaining about having the hex markers change when a hab is built..
  11. I've noticed the movement seem to have been changed, even since before the recent patch (the day of writing) and it feels like you move quicker with full stam but move slower with no stam, I suppose it is to balance with the choppers but I'm not sold on the new movement speed.
  12. helicopter and health

    Again, I wouldn't mind a bandage while flying either, just making a case.
  13. There is still a need to pinpoint radio and hab locations for demo and squad formations, as a bonafide combat Engi I can safely say that a hex of 100m is not nearly accurate enough for a stealth mission approach considering that someone may have seen it directly and marked it ahead of time before I engage.
  14. Don't use squad number as a callsign on radio

    Never said it was off topic, just thought it was a romp when people stated flinging shit and some hit the fan, it was funny to me he thinks that S1 was an ass for asking a concise question and S4 responded with "Rogger" and he seemed to just ignore that when he said "He should say yes or no"... ("Rogger" means "yes" OP, just so you know...) Also, I completely agree with the gentlemen expressing how to properly communicate using the numpad, I too often use general chat as I had forgotten that was even a feature, considering I left my SL kit at spawn for a Combat Engi the second they added it to the game, I think it was just a gap in knowledge while I was learning to play but never really picked up on because I left that section of the game before it could be mastered.