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  1. Helicopter impressions: feedback on display and controls.

    Ground effect is not modelled. If you're curious how to find out; increase collective on the ground just enough until you begin to lift off (about 45-46% in the UH60) and notice the total lift generated is enough to continue climbing well beyond one rotor diameter (the height at which ground effect is considered non-existent for helicopters). If ground effect were modelled, you would need increasing amounts of collective to maintain height or climb between the heights of 0 - 16m, and then above 16m the power requirement to hover or climb should not change with altitude (for the realm of this game, changes of density altitude should not be noticeable or be worth modelling). Something I wish to mention is the way pitch is indicated on the Artificial Horizon (a.k.a. Attitude Indicator). The ticker tape indicating (+/-) degrees of pitch should be fixed to the horizon, and the reading should be taken by where the nose of the aircraft points on the ticket tape. Zero pitch should always be on the horizon and the nose of the aircraft should move up or down along the pitch values to indicate the current pitch attitude of the aircraft.
  2. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    The helicopters and the pilots in them are missing the collective lever (the handbrake-like control on the left side of the seat that the pilot's left hand should always be on). I hope there are plans to update the player and vehicle models and animations to include this control?