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  1. A better armor and Gear system

    Yeah, I'd like more control on loadout. There are some things in the kits that I NEVER use. I'd like to allocate more weight / storage to things I actually WILL use....lol
  2. Gents, please bring your mic to the game

    Yeah it's impossible to keep up with text chat. There's so much going on. You're trying to move, attack, do things. Other SLs are calling out on the command channel. Squadmates are using the squad channel. People are talking in local. Adding text to that, nope, too much. In my squad, use your mic, or get ignored.....lol I don't kick anyone unless they're running off alone not helping the squad (I do make some exceptions for demo guys and marksmen, but not if we're getting rekt at a point).
  3. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    I don't really have a problem with clan servers. Some do load up one side with experienced clan members. Some do not. I've been to plenty of servers where half the clan is on one side and half is on the other side. It's always a coin toss as to which side wins. Your best bet is to find a server you like and play in it regularly
  4. Helis on invasion

    The only thing I really want is.............show next point when capping. That would fix multiple issues. Let's say it's A, B, C, D, E are the points. If you're fighting over C, it should show where B and D are. Let's say the enemy gets C, and starts attacking D............it should show C and E now. Too many times in these games you're taking a point (especially on backcapping) and you have NO idea where you're going next. Then that next point zooms ALL the way across the map..........and you know you're hosed. You have nobody near that next point to start capping. Meanwhile the enemy is getting all of their points super fast.
  5. Building is useless

    Super FOBs used to be a thing in Squad before you could vault / climb. You could literally HESCO in an area, make ladders out, and the only way the enemy could get in would be to dig down big HESCO barriers. It was very unbalanced in favor of the defender. Now Super FOBs are worthless. With the ability to vault / climb you don't need to dig down anything. Just find a spot where you can shimmy to the top, then shoot / nade the fish in the barrel. It's very unbalanced in favor of the attacker. Unless it changes, there are only 3 good ways to use a FOB: 1. Sneaky FOB (90% of the time) = Just a HAB and ammo point. Used for spawning only. DO NOT leave build on this FOB or idiot SLs will build things to give away the position (even 100 build gives them 2 sandbag walls, which if someone sees them, they know where to look for a FOB). 2. Repair FOB (5% of the time) = Just a HAB, ammo point, and repair point. Put it in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to the front that vehicles don't have to go back to spawn to repair. 3. Weapons FOB (5% of the time) = A HAB, machine guns, missile launcher, and mortars. Used only on hilly maps where you can overlook at least 80% of the battlefield. SPREAD the weapons and mortars out. That way if you get attacked, only 1-2 guys die before you figure out you're getting attacked.
  6. No thanks. Have you ever played ARMA? The control layout is terrible. There are too many actions, your whole keyboard gets used up with stupid keybinds.
  7. Using enemy logi trucks

    I'd be cool with this. They'd have to make it so you can't take points off an enemy FOB though. WAY too many SLs are too lazy to move their logis away from the FOB. If you could unload a enemy FOB with an enemy logi, that would be super OP. Also you shouldn't be able to drive the enemy logi. All you'd have to do is focus on hunting and stealing their logis, and you'd automatically win every round....lol
  8. ROADMAP - but why?

    I'm cool with the roadmap. Really excited for the Commander role. I want to see how that plays out. With games this old, I'm happy they're STILL developing it. At this stage lots of games just give you "here's a patch, we did 2 bug fixes". You're getting actual real content, be happy!
  9. Shooting from vehicles

    Yeah, I'd love to be able to shoot from vehicles. Nothing says "free kills" like a Logi driving by your current location. The only counter is for people to jump out, usually facing in the wrong direction, that get killed anyways. Plus how badass would a Logi drive by shooting be?
  10. I didn't even know that was a thing....lol No wonder a lot of the HABs get rekt while your hex is getting capped. I'd rather have it show nothing. If you have a good hidden HAB you should get rewarded for it. At the same time a HAB alone shouldn't prevent a CAP.
  11. Tower Deployable

    I'm fine if they add more deployables. I try to keep my FOBs as hidden as possible. FOBs they can't find, they can't destroy. So I do HAB and ammo crate only. It would be cool if Super FOBs were actually useful, but I've found the get found and rekt the fastest.
  12. logistical trucks and fob radios

    I think the biggest thing is that logi trucks get abandoned more than anything. I ALWAYS return the logi to main. 75% of the time I see other SLs just abandoning it at the first FOB they make. Those HABs eventually get found, destroyed, and the logi gets the tires cut. There are no spawn points nearby so nobody recovers it. Even if you do make it there, if you don't have a crew kit on, there's no ammo on the truck so you can switch kits and repair it. If you get shot out of a logi, behind your lines, not your fault. If you get shot out of a logi, making a risky play, not your fault if your other 2 logis aren't camped yet. If you abandon your logi because you're too lazy to return it or make someone in your squad do it, your fault completely.