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  1. This. We have way too many people that focus solely on how well they do on the FPS mechanics side of the game as is. Stats are cool because it gives a way for people to see, numerically, how well they did in the game, but you don't want to make the leader board show much more than what squad did the best in a few categories. Anything more causes people to worry about their K/D rather than helping their squad.
  2. Up until very recently, I didn't think that the massive influx of new players was all that bad. I was pretty well used to short periods of horrible gameplay that would eventually level out as people got the hang of the game. I enjoyed helping new players. Now it seems that on many servers this isn't the case. I can only see this getting worse. These players aren't new anymore. They have been playing the game for a few months. They seem to be set in their ways. I used to be pretty idealistic on this topic. I used to figure that everything would be fine if people who know how to play the game just 'lead by example'. I figured that most people would just fall in line and everything would be peachy. Now I have pretty well reversed. It is getting to the point where it is almost too far gone. Too many experienced players are giving up. I've almost gotten to the point myself. Go back a year, year and a half ago and it still seemed like the majority of the community followed a common mindset. They understood that they needed to stick together. It wasn't perfect but maybe half of them waited at least a little bit for a medic. Squad leads communicated between each other. They discussed what they want to do before the match started. We can argue about game play changes that need to be made all day. There are countless threads on this. Lets forget about those changes for now, leave it for all those other threads. and discuss what we can do on a community level. My question is, how do we re instill this common mind set again? We shouldn't have to try to herd cats. It shouldn't be the norm to constantly have to keep asking players to stick together. There is no reason to need to babysit players. It shouldn't be the norm for people to regularly go off on their own. People should wait for medics and you sure as heck shouldn't need to ask players to switch of marksman to pick up a med kit! It should be expected that the majority of the squad understands these simple concepts. If you are genuinely new to the game and don't understand it is understandable but after 10 hours you should have learned by then! If it was only a couple of players in a squad that had to be held by the hand it could be managed but when it gets to the point of half the squad just doing their own thing it gets to be unsustainable. You can get away with kicking a player or two for not making an attempt at following directions but you can't do it for the entire Squad. What are other things that every squad player need to understand? What are rules to the game that should never be dropped? What is the baseline that almost every player should follow in order to help get this game going back into the direction that we want? I don't want to get burned out of the game and give up like so many people have done. I still have fun with the game but it is getting harder and harder to do so.
  3. Change Charlie Fireteam Color

    A better bet might be to make the fireteam markers for the leads the same circle as the squad leads as well as changing the color. As of now it is kinda hard to see your fireteam lead on the map let alone follow him if the squad lead directs you to.
  4. That is what I thought. I couldn't remember seeing any pictures of normal infantry units having anything other than Aimpoints and ACOGs. I knew that I had seen some pictures from the invasion but didn't know if these were common issue or maybe a few guys purchasing their own optics. I remember seeing pictures from Marines in Fallujah with Mars sights on their M16s that they used temporarily until RCOs started rolling out more commonly. Either way, thanks for the info!
  5. See it has me kinda frustrated because my initial post was in my opinion pretty half-assed. You did miss my point because my point was hardly in the post at all. I tried to ramble two or three ideas together and none of them really ended up there. I agree with you almost completely. I guess that is what you get when you go forum posting when you are tired. I've been split on the casualization. I haven't felt that it was as bad as most make it out to be (in terms of gameplay changes) and have believed that the degradation in gameplay is more due to the new types of players rather than the changes in mechanics. A lot of the time I feel that when people look back on the old days, they do so with rose tinted glasses. That said, I still think it is a big problem. I don't want to see any more of the features get taken away. I do think that some gameplay changes should be made or at least reverted. They never should have made the medic less valuable. They never should have made the rally the way it is now. There are lots of things that contribute to the place that gameplay is at today but at the core of it I still believe that most of it comes down to the playerbase. Here is the part where you might really start to disagree. In my original post I attempted to address the original topic of the post by saying that most of the solutions, the ones that mostly include bumping up the difficulty or punishment, really don't solve the issue. The big example I had in mind was the idea of raising the ticket count for the tanks up. I don't think that it is as simple as punish people more and they will become better at using the asset. It has to be a balanced thing. You can't go too far in one direction or you end up making dying meaningless and you can't go too far the other direction or you will punish the team as a whole too much. This is where I was going when I stated that it would make it worse for all. You want to punish the team to an extent since this is a team game but not so far as to make the vehicles too valuable. In the end it is a game and the vehicles are supposed to die. When I mentioned something along the line of "the new players couldn't handle it" I really should have been more specific and worded it much better. An idea that I have had for a while is that the old players and the new ones are fundamentally different. The old players are, like I said in my first post, a mix of PR and ARMA players. Back then they had a common mindset. They played the game like they knew how to, like a Mil-sim. Nowadays there is a much more diverse crowd of players. These players play the game like they played their old games. @Nightingale87 makes the point in his post. They don't play in the manner that maybe they should but rather in the way that the game allows. Any gameplay related changes should stop the goofy elements. There is no reason to learn how to play in the tactical manner that the game should consist of. It is much easier to take advantage of some game elements and play it like they did in a more casual shooter. Hopefully I've made myself a little more clear. I don't want to start catering completely to the casual crowd. All I really wanted to say is that bumping up the consequences for failure isn't the magic bullet that many make it out to be. The casuals are more than likely here to stay. Even if they aren't here for the mil-sim elements, they are for sure here for the communication and teamplay elements. If we want to change the game to get us closer to the ideal squad then we need to remember that the casuals are here and they look at the game from a completely different perspective. Everything that is proposed needs to keep that in mind.
  6. You are correct. I think you are hitting part of the point that I wanted to make but wasn't clear enough. There is a mix of new players that have no clue like I stated as well as a mix of the players that understand how to play the game but don't really play it to the spirit of the game. The gamey metas of the game should be punished. I think you have missed my point entirely. Never did I say or mean to imply that we should forget about the old guard because its the casual's game now. I'm arguing that the types of solutions most people put out aren't going to do anything but punish the team. You should punish the team for bad tactics only when they stand to learn from it. A great example would be to punish people with a longer respawn timer if they give up before a certain threshold. I'm arguing that these changes should meet a balance. You can't go too far in one way or you might just end up punishing the whole team too much because some newbies got ahold of a tank. A big point I wanted to make was that simply raising the consequences for failure doesn't mean that people will start doing things in a different way.
  7. People keep pointing to the wrong thing! Too many think that making things harder will solve the whole issue of players not acting in a tactical manner. Upping the consequences isn't a magic bullet! It is assumed that if you make a tank cost 50+ tickets then the players will "use it more wisely". It is assumed that if you bring back dead-dead then people will stop running straight into enemy fire. Here it is assumed that adding in a radio range system will make people create more useful fobs. Punishing players for making bad decisions only works to a certain extent. It is important to remember who is playing the game. It isn't v9 anymore. The community isn't made up of nothing but ARMA and PR expats. Back then the community had a general consensus on how the game was played. It was well within their wheelhouse. Nowadays I do not believe that this group is in the majority anymore. Times have changed, the game has gotten a lot more popular and a new crowd has stepped up to the plate. The new majority are just learning the hardcore tactical shooter. They came from more casual shooters. The get the FPS element but don't fully grasp the teamwork element. Most of the new crowd understand how the gamemodes work. The basics of the ticket system. How well do they know it though? Have they memorized all the ticket values for the vehicles? For most I doubt it. I think it is important to take as step back and realize what we are asking for. Us forum-goers tend to have a better understanding of the game than most. The average person hasn't sunk hundreds of hours into the game. They are just there to play a couple of matches with their buddies. Making the game harder when half the player base doesn't even get the game in the current state will do nothing other than make the matches all worse. There needs to be a balance! There are a few changes that could be made but overall the game is in a pretty good spot.
  8. How widely were EOTechs even issued outside of special operations?
  9. Jamming Comms!

    It would probably be more annoying than anything. I can guarantee that it would probably end up causing more problems than what it is worth. When you get down to it it would just make it so you couldn't talk for a minute or so. I don't really think that it would be that much of a detriment to the team that it is being done to. I think it would be much harder for the other team to take advantage of it. There is no good way to implement it. If you make it long enough to disrupt the communications significantly, (5+ mins) it would just end up being a pain. If it is only a minute or two then it would end up being practically useless. Its a little outside of the scope of the game. It would feel out of place.
  10. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    This. I've got a good feeling that fallujah is still going to come down the line but not in the way that those images show.
  11. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    The problem is that it is too easy to give up and just spawn at a rally. Even worse is that most of the time, even with everyone having the ability to revive each other, it is much faster just to give up and respawn. I think that the solution of removing the ability to give up is too far in one direction. A better solution would be to make it harder just to give up and respawn. The idea I have would be to give some kind of penalty for giving up too soon. Maybe you should be forced wait a minute before you can give up? Maybe it just gives you a longer respawn time if you give up before a certain threshold? Maybe it only applies when there are friendlies within a certain radius?
  12. Commander in charge of rally

    What do you think of this? I put together a couple of ideas from people around the forums. One of the biggest problems with the rally wave spawn system is that people don't actually spawn in waves. The developers tried to make it so they stuck together a little more when they spawned but now it just ends up with people trickling in one by one or in maybe pairs. One guy came up with the idea of making it so that you would have a certain amount of people waiting for the spawn before it would start the respawn timer. The other half of the idea takes from the original rally system where there are a limited number of spawns before the rally needs to be refreshed. Instead of counting individual spawns, the rally would have maybe 3 spawn waves before it needs to be replaced. Here is an example of how it would work: SL places rally then assaults objective. Squad members start to die and give up. They are told to spawn at the rally. At least five of them must be waiting at the rally in order for the respawn timer to start. This repeats a couple of times. The SL then needs to replace the rally. Problems with the system: It may very well encourage all the inpatient players just to spawn on a FOB instead. No clue as to what the timers should be There needs to be a way for people to spawn at the rally when less than 5 people have died. Maybe after a certain amount of time they will spawn anyway?
  13. Better Maps

    A topographical map would be great. I can't stand not knowing the lay of the land. A good way to do this is like the way they did it in the Wargame series. In that series there was a toggle for their symbology vs the NATO standard. The only problem is that the nato symbols are meant for larger unit sizes rather than individual elements like you find with the squad. You can't really mark an individual man with nato symbols the smallest possible marker is a fireteam size. Maybe they can make it a little different. Maybe stylized a little different might work.
  14. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    I don't mind the arty too much in the size of the strike but do think that it is way to powerful against fortifications. I can understand big arty shells completely destroying sandbags but hesco barriers seem like they need to be way more resilient. They for sure should be heavily damaged but not to the extent of them just being deleted from the map instantly. Same with the Grach and Warthog. As to helicopters they really need to do an overhaul of the whole system. The flight model is janky as hell. Not to mention there isn't damage to the tail rotor and such. Small arms should at least pose some threat to a helicopter. A BMP sure as hell should be a major threat. A helicopter shouldn't be able to withstand multiple hits from a 30mm without major flight model changes. As of right now you can fly over enemy positions without any threat of getting shot down or even substantially damaged.
  15. Commander in charge of rally

    This. There are much better ways to change the rally.