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  1. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    The problem is that it is too easy to give up and just spawn at a rally. Even worse is that most of the time, even with everyone having the ability to revive each other, it is much faster just to give up and respawn. I think that the solution of removing the ability to give up is too far in one direction. A better solution would be to make it harder just to give up and respawn. The idea I have would be to give some kind of penalty for giving up too soon. Maybe you should be forced wait a minute before you can give up? Maybe it just gives you a longer respawn time if you give up before a certain threshold? Maybe it only applies when there are friendlies within a certain radius?
  2. Commander in charge of rally

    What do you think of this? I put together a couple of ideas from people around the forums. One of the biggest problems with the rally wave spawn system is that people don't actually spawn in waves. The developers tried to make it so they stuck together a little more when they spawned but now it just ends up with people trickling in one by one or in maybe pairs. One guy came up with the idea of making it so that you would have a certain amount of people waiting for the spawn before it would start the respawn timer. The other half of the idea takes from the original rally system where there are a limited number of spawns before the rally needs to be refreshed. Instead of counting individual spawns, the rally would have maybe 3 spawn waves before it needs to be replaced. Here is an example of how it would work: SL places rally then assaults objective. Squad members start to die and give up. They are told to spawn at the rally. At least five of them must be waiting at the rally in order for the respawn timer to start. This repeats a couple of times. The SL then needs to replace the rally. Problems with the system: It may very well encourage all the inpatient players just to spawn on a FOB instead. No clue as to what the timers should be There needs to be a way for people to spawn at the rally when less than 5 people have died. Maybe after a certain amount of time they will spawn anyway?
  3. Better Maps

    A topographical map would be great. I can't stand not knowing the lay of the land. A good way to do this is like the way they did it in the Wargame series. In that series there was a toggle for their symbology vs the NATO standard. The only problem is that the nato symbols are meant for larger unit sizes rather than individual elements like you find with the squad. You can't really mark an individual man with nato symbols the smallest possible marker is a fireteam size. Maybe they can make it a little different. Maybe stylized a little different might work.
  4. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    I don't mind the arty too much in the size of the strike but do think that it is way to powerful against fortifications. I can understand big arty shells completely destroying sandbags but hesco barriers seem like they need to be way more resilient. They for sure should be heavily damaged but not to the extent of them just being deleted from the map instantly. Same with the Grach and Warthog. As to helicopters they really need to do an overhaul of the whole system. The flight model is janky as hell. Not to mention there isn't damage to the tail rotor and such. Small arms should at least pose some threat to a helicopter. A BMP sure as hell should be a major threat. A helicopter shouldn't be able to withstand multiple hits from a 30mm without major flight model changes. As of right now you can fly over enemy positions without any threat of getting shot down or even substantially damaged.
  5. Commander in charge of rally

    This. There are much better ways to change the rally.
  6. It wouldn't though!!!! Even in Arma KOTH it did absolutely nothing. It doesn't help the team. You can say that you will "scout" but that is the same excuse that every marksman does. "I promise you guys! I'll be useful!!!" The game doesn't need this kind of thing. Just because you think it is cool doesn't mean that it adds anything to the game other than you having something that you can have fun with. There should be zero encouragement for lone wolf type kits in the game. I play exclusively squad lead and know for certain that I don't want one of my rifles sitting on a hill 800 yards from the objective that I'm attacking. I need that extra body on the point. In need that extra hand for bandaging. I need them with the SQUAD!!! It seems that many people forget or simply don't understand the scope or point of this game.
  7. Can you Pickup a Grenade on the Ground?

    I wouldn't mind the ability. It would be just like the knife. You almost never use it but every once in a while you get to use it and feel cool about it. Most of the time the grenade would just go off a second after it gets to its destination anyway. You really only notice the grenade when it is too late most of the time anyway.
  8. This. This kit doesn't add anything to the game. It only serves to help one guy get kills and work alone. It doesn't really play into the teamplay aspect of the game that makes up the whole experience.
  9. commander rank

    I thought that it was always implied that you were a first or second lieutenant. Also I only voted for the third option because you used the wrong your.
  10. Increase Realism.

    Might create more problems than it solves. I've always subscribed to the idea that if you get rid of the squad leader there very well might not be any better alternative around to fill the void. It might have worked a couple years ago when the community was much smaller but not today. People that know how to squad lead and are willing to do it, not to mention good at it, are few and far between it seems at times. Maybe not for infantry squads but for vehicle assets it might work. Helicopter pilots keep crashing? Give 'em a kick. Maybe even the commander can be the person that approves whether a squad can become an armor squad or not. I like the idea of people not naming squads anything other than their purpose. Seems more "professional" than something goofy like most put anymore. Half the time I just go with INF anyway. Maybe base it on squad type? (Infantry, Armor, Logistics, Helicopter, etc) Hopefully. I'm getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I'm fine with the very occasional AAS but rushing gets to be too tiresome. I'm even getting to the point that I can tell the layout of the maps on RAAS on almost every map. I hate metas in games and push for anything to get rid of them as much as possible. I'm sick of fighting over police station/ammo storage/intersection on mutahar every single match. It just plays out the same every match. Seen this a couple of times. Still don't quite understand how this affects soloing armor. This might work when paired together. I hate that helicopters are cheap and can be crashed with ease. Though, at least with helicopters, the flight model is so janky that I can understand the cost a bit. They really need to just completely rework the flight model so that when you go to land you don't instantly catapult yourself to 60 knots cause you touched the controls a little. The punishment mechanic would be great for the tanks and other armor. Maybe not 30 minutes but for sure they shouldn't be able just to instantly respawn and pick up the other Abrams. As to their ticket values I would for sure raise the helicopter to 15/20 tickets and maybe 25/30 tickets for the tanks. I don't think they should be raised to their old values though because the quality of the armor crews haven't gotten better, they have only really degraded as more people join. The whole team shouldn't be punished super harsh when idiots crew a vehicle. Let them be punished by other means (removing their approval as an armor squad, waiting to take the other tank). I'd be happy to see something that limits the rally. I hate how they tried to make it so that the squad spawned in waves but that has turned into a trickle in system. It had unintended consequences. I saw a guy make a suggestion once where there would have to be a minimum of 5 or so people waiting for the rally in order to start the spawn countdown. This forces a significant portion of the squad to spawn together and work as a team. With this I'd love to see a a limit on the number like the old system but instead of individual player spawns but maybe 3 or so waves. Then it would have to be refreshed like the old one. Agree with the movement speed. I didn't really like it when it was first added but I don't mind the stamina that we are left with. As long as the momentum of the movement feels right that is all I care. Having a canteen like Post Scriptum might be a nice complement to lower stamina. I don't really like the forced food system to get rid of lone wolves though. Squad leads just need to be a little less forgiving in their punishments. It is their fault. I know that over time I have dropped off on how often I kick people for not following directions or sticking with the squad and I really need to step it up a bit to kick some of these bad habits that are building. This doesn't make much sense in the context of the game. In the end, no matter how much we want realism, a lot of the fun part of the game is the game parts. Maybe. Don't have much problem with the way it is now. Not sure how this would play out. As far as I understand it would make matches longer. I for sure don't want to get rid of the last cap ticket bleed. Some matches really need to end. If the enemy is capping your last flag they the team has really screwed up. It is probably due for a restart. I hate that two guys have the ability to completely turn the tide of a fob battle. Seems kinda goofy. Though I can see why it is there. Some fobs might then take all match to take. I would much rather see an increase of the number of players required to disable to 5 so that a two man fob hunting team can't take on a fob and win. I'd rather it always take a full squad. They for sure need to be a bit more resistant to artillery and plane strikes. A 155mm would for sure damage the heck out of a hesco but I'm not sure that it would completely destroy it like it does in-game. As to the dig time, I think it is fine as is. Usually you don't have to deal with people digging into your fortifications but you for sure have to be annoyed by a arty strike that removes everything down to stakes. Maybe add some damage state? I think them making the VBIEDs themselves works fine in game. Suicide vest doesn't make much sense without civilians. I do think that anti-personel mines might work though. I'd be hesitant on pressure plate/trip wire activated mines. It seems that they might get more team kills than enemy kills. I'd prefer if they were manually triggered. Smaller IEDs, MON-50s, and claymores. Insurgents get to detonate them from any range with the cell phone giving them over the conventional forces that have to detonate them from a fixed range considering they are wire detonated. The game and maps are far to small in scale for this to really fit. Mortars are really the best fit for user operated indirect fire. I'd rather that manpads stayed out of the game. They just need to make the utility helicopters so they aren't flying tanks. I hope that they don't add attack helicopters but if they did, then manpads might make a little more sense. For now small arms and vehicles are enough to take on the heli threat, they just need to make that BMP actually damage the chopper to an realistic amount so that the deterrent actually makes a difference. Honestly surprised that this hasn't already been done. No reason that players should be able to see the players on the map if they are unassigned. All that I can understand is the cap status. Everything else should be hidden to keep em from giving info to the other team. AFKs should be kicked on timer as long as the server owner gets the ability to toggle it on/off plus change the AFK timer. Don't agree with only SLs seeing the fobs. No reason that the rest of the team shouldn't know where things are. Water shouldn't be some magical thing. Kill where it is deep, do nothing where it isn't.
  11. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    Why use a flashbang when you could just kill them with a frag grenade? Flashbangs aren't really all that useful when you have no reason to ID the targets within the room. Everyone is a bad guy.
  12. So what about destructible environments?

    Destruction tends to be a thing that has to be intended in the game from the beginning. It is probably too complex to be added at this point in the games development. Especially with them trying to keep up with moving the game to new versions of Unreal.
  13. Tank reload

    It wouldn't be authentic for the coax to be its own dedicated firing button. I know for certain that on the Abrams that it is a toggle switch.
  14. Commander Role

    This. If you add the ability to demote squad leaders then you just make the problem worse. Just think how often you see squads where the squad leads either has his game crash or he just disconnects for some reason. Very rarely do I see someone really competent steps up to fill the role. More often than not that squad just passes the role around for a bit then a bunch of people begin leave pretty much removing that squad from the game. It would do more harm than good.
  15. The idea is alright but if your buddies weren't patient enough to wait for a space on the other team then I doubt that they would be patient enough to wait thirty minutes in a queue to join a server. I got a buddy of mine that plays squad from time to time but he can't walk two hundred yards in game without getting bored and quitting. Some people just don't have the patience or the attention span for this game.