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  1. This. Most of the squared away guys won't care what your age is. Its the immature guys that have to antagonize anyone for little things. When you get the usual "shut up squeaker" don't respond back, don't give em anything to play off of. Just keep playing the game like you have been doing. Like the other guy said, check and see if you might be doing anything that but its probably just guys picking on you due to your voice. Just tough it out, its something you can't really change.
  2. I can feel your pain in regards to dealing with random squad mates that disregard your directions. For the vast majority of these cases, the problem is that these players have little to no experience playing the game. As more new players join, more old players leave, unwilling to deal with unorganized squads. The problem seems like it will only get worse. This is where people like us who know how the game is played need to step in. Here are some tips that I've found to help out. Make sure everyone in your squad has a mic and uses it. Put MIC or something like it in the squad name. Don't allow combat engineers or marksmen in the squad unless you know the person will work with the squad. Leave these kits for people you know or play often with. Ask at the begining of the round who the new players are. Tell them to stay away from the specialized classes. Make them use the medic to promote team play. Keep all tactical directions very very simple. I don't usually split the squad into multiple elements unless I can tell they are top notch players. Most people don't understand even the basics like bounding or even something as fundamental as suppressing. Anything that isn't a self evident as "smoke and push" must be explained quickly. When giving orders to regroup, if no one decided to regroup make sure to call them out by name (this goes for any other direction as well). If no response then boot them from the squad. They will hopefully learn to stick together. And finally, if you find yourself getting lots of squads where no communication happens. Try to find a couple of buddies to play with. In a squad of 9 randoms, if you see two to three other people than the sl talking then you might be encouraged to do so as well. Lead by example and others will (hopefully) follow. Overall try to teach others by example. Encourage them to ask questions. Alot of the newbies are overwhelmed when they start because they have only played battlefield or something like it. If you start to get frustrated with people not following your directions, explain them. For example if they don't disengage after multiple attempts at calling for a fall back, explain that your squad is a (roughly) a quarter of the teams manpower that does nothing on a inactive objective.They are more likely to do something if they know the why rather than some dude telling them what to do. Direct orders are for people who have a clue. Hope this helps someone. Being SL is hard.
  3. Improving Fireteams

    It sounds good on one hand but wouldn't work well with the constantly growing player base of the game. The system you propose would only really work in a clan type scenario where the players know how to play the game. It may add a great amount of flexibility to the team, but most squads nowadays are made up of maybe 3-4 players that are experienced at the most where the rest is either brand new or have played a few rounds a patch or two back. The added flexibility doesn't do much if no one knows how to use it best. At that point it is more accurate to call it added complexity. Things need to stay relatively simple for all the newbies coming in. If there is a bunch of inexperienced players with access to team comms it will get clogged up with useless info and become useless. I'm not to big a fan of fire team comms either. I feel that this would lead to just having smaller sub divided squads. With topics like this it is a good idea to think of how the proposed system can be used other than its intended purpose. Most people suggest fire team comms to help the squad channel from becoming too congested. If this is the case the solution is on the squad lead or other experienced players to quiet things down. Fire team members should never be so far apart that they cannot talk in local chat. Its not necessary to implement a change for something that could be fixed in game.
  4. Russian IFV's?

    The real problem is that people need to learn how to use these vehicles more effectively. Something like a BTR shouldn't be used for anti vehicle. Neither should it roam around the map looking for kills. It should focus on anti infantry where it can stomp unaware enemies. Its sole purpose should be to transport a squad to an objective then to support said squad. Most vehicle engagements of (roughly) equal vehicles are cheesy at this point as most crews choose to sit and tank the damage while firing instead of falling back then attacking from a different approach. This for sure leads to one of the vehicles dead and the other very heavily damaged. Not very useful for the squad if your transport has to RTB after every engagement. There for sure needs to be more module damaged added to the game. Things like turrets drives and crews being killed by penetrations are a must have to get rid of the arcadey health bar style the game currently has. If a BTR with a 30 gets the first shots on a Bradley, it should be able to kill it if the rounds penetrate the crew compartment. The turret shouldn't just swing around and kill the BTR because its health only dropped by 10 percent.
  5. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    Cool blog post bro. Don't get too mad at those who are genuinely new to the game. Everyone has to start somewhere. Earlier in the game (when it was less popular), most of the people that bought the game had a general clue as to how the game was supposed to be played. Nowadays we have tons of new people that come from the Humble and Steam sales that might have seen the trailer and thought the game looks cool. A lot of them have never played a game as team based as this. Most have only performed as an individual. These people need to be led by example and taught how the game is played. If you are playing as the squad lead and nobody is listening to your orders, start by calling each person by name and telling them to do something, then if they either don't respond to what you say or don't start to follow some direction, kick them from the squad. After a few times getting kicked, anyone will start to understand that they are doing something wrong. If you are in EU servers try making squads that are English only and before you leave base make sure everyone has a microphone. You might be running into people from other countries. Also, if you are getting kicked from multiple servers for causing trouble, take a step back and see what you might be doing wrong. Likely you are being an ass and people would rather not have to deal with it when playing a video game. In the end it is just a game, most people just wanna relax and have fun.
  6. logistical trucks and fob radios

    Even with a higher ticket value for the logi truck, I still think that denying the truck to the enemy will still persist. I think that most maps only have three logi trucks in the beginning (might be off on that number). This means that losing a truck is cutting of a third of that team's logistical capability. Even if the meta switched to destroying rather than disabling, how would the destruction be done? The C4 of the combat engineer is almost always better used on a radio. An AT gunner might be able to spare a rocket but with the high amount of vehicle threats in a normal game means that those too are spent better elsewhere. Better yet with the supply mechanics in the game and less and less experienced squad leaders, resupplying the squad is almost never considered. In most squads, the only time I see it happen is when we are wiped and forced to spawn at a FOB. Nobody has the ammo to waste on a lone truck. Much easier to stab the tires and leave. Vehicle crews are a different story as most the time they just destroy everything anyway. Overall I get the problem you have with steamroll style games. Nobody but the winning team has fun with them. I think this is more of a problem with less experienced squad leads. Less and less SLs want to help the newbies learn the game and they simply leave for a bit. All that are left are a few decent SLs and a lot of people that are forced in to the position way before they ever should have been. Due to lack of experience, logis get lost.
  7. Ever since fire teams were added to the game, I have seen very few squad leads using them for more than additional spotters. Seldom do you see the SL assigning people to separate elements. In the rare few chances that I have had where a squad lead assigns these roles, I've found that it it can be difficult to spot the fire team lead on both the map and by the name above their head. The chevron doesn't seem like enough. I believe that the fire team lead should gain a marker above their head and on the map that is similar to the squad lead's colored circle. Instead of the squad's number being inside the circle the letter and color of the fire team would be there. This, I would hope, would keep the fire teams together much better than the current markers. I would love to hear the opinions of people that use the fire team system more for its intended roll.
  8. Tower Deployable

    There for sure needs to be more non hmg fortified firing positions added to the game. The windowed sandbag walls are too unreliable to be used for shooting.
  9. Chat text are small

    I imagine that it will always stay small to incentivize the use of in game comms. A larger text box takes away from the immersion the game. All it is really needed for is server announcements and administration related things.
  10. Anti-personel Mines

    Claymores and their equivalents (Russian MON 50) could be a good addition for a limited rifleman class. I don't think that trip wire detonation would be the best for the game though, seeing as they would likely be more common than the few mines placed on the road. With there being more of these, there would be an extreme likelyhood of teamkilling (I'm doubtful of people taking the placement of mines into consideration past the point of getting more enemy kills). The best bet would be remote detonation from a limited distance. This would fit with the realism of the game as claymores in real life are rarely used with tripwire triggers (I don't even think that tripwires are issued with the claymore bandoleers irl).
  11. Building is useless

    I really like the idea of a supply dump rather than a FOB. It seems to fit much better than a pile of radios out in the middle of the woods with a random hesco bunker. It for sure would make more sense for a guy to set a C4 charge on a pile of munitions rather than some comms gear. The idea of getting rid of the FOB radius could work as well. Too many times have I wanted to place a HAB in a good spot only to find that a previous radio is too close. This does have it's drawbacks in that HAB bunkers would likely get spammed about but this could be solved by simply keeping the radius for HABs only. Due to the current supply mechanics on the infantry side, this could definitely help squads to resupply more often than only when they are wiped out and respawn at the HAB. Spawns should be limited but more supplies should be encouraged. For the tickets the radio (or in this case, the supply dump) there should be no ticket cost if it is destroyed. If there should be a ticket cost anywhere, it should be on the spawn bunker itself, keeping a punishment in place for poorly thought out placements.
  12. Boost insurgent fighter classes

    This. There is no major reason as to why these battle rifles couldn't have a couple extra magazines. From a game play point of view I could see them being limited if the guns were overpowered but this is not the case. Even if the developers limited the number of magazines for realism purposes, I'd rather have the extra magazines so that the ammo bags supplies could be used for medics and AT gunners rather than self supplying due to having half as much ammo as my squad mates. The idea of extra grenades could work if it is limited to 3 for most classes and maybe 4-5 on the close quarters related classes. Much more than there is in the current loadouts could lead to excessive grenade spamming.