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  1. Statement.

    I really think that the massive increase in popularity has done much more harm than anything that the devs have done. I really think people put too much of the blame on gameplay changes rather than all the people that have really changed the way the game is played. I've played since late v9 and the biggest place the game has changed is in the quality of players, not the impact of gameplay mechanics. I wish that there was a way that I could prove this, I don't like having to say what chalks up to "dude just trust me".
  2. Why a cold war era optic? I cannot really think of any other than that Colt 3x20 scope. There is also the SUIT, I believe there were mounts out there to mount them to carry handles but seeing as you don't like that AK optic, you definitely won't like the sight that it was based on. Doesn't seem likely that some irregulars would have that. Either way. It isn't necessary. The way I've always looked at it is that the game isn't about your gear but the way you use it. You don't really get to chose so your task is to use what you have to the best of your ability.
  3. I want to encourage the use of fire teams. I would love to see the squad be divided into fire teams by default, rather than it being an option of the squad lead to create them. As we see it now, they are almost never used in their intended purpose. Rather, they are used to give vocal members of the squad a way to spot targets. I would love to see this feature get used in the way that they were originally made. Automatically assigning fire teams doesn't necessarily result in their use. This idea doesn't completely solve the issue. A lot of squad leads would still not use them. I only see this maybe encouraging their use. The idea being if it is the norm to be in a fire team, it might be more common for a squad lead to use them as separate elements. So lets say that we manage to get a guy attempting to make use of fire teams. In my experience when trying to use fire teams, most people in the squad are not able to make use of them. They don't follow their fire team leader and instead, follow me the SL. One of the things I have noticed when the roles have been reversed and I am one of the guys in a fire team is that it is sometimes hard to keep track of where your fire team leader is. It is easy enough to check your map but it is much easier to look for the big green circle above SL's head. The fire team leaders should also get this marker, the only difference being that they would have the color of their fire team and the letter. This would make it much easier to keep the fire teams together with out too much herding. To quickly sum it up. What do people think of encouraging the use of fire teams by having them be there by default and making the fire team leaders more distinguished within the squad?
  4. The number of people that give up when someone says "Don't give up!' is unreal. Doing so should be punishable by public lashing.
  5. A black list of players for anything other than hacking seems like it could be very prone to abuse. I wouldn't want to give that ability to just anybody that buys a server. That is probably a power best left in the hands of the developers if they even have such a power.
  6. Like others have said, just hop in and learn. You are already ahead of most people due to the fact that you have looked into the game before jumping in. I assume that you know that it is your task to follow your squad lead and overall just stick with your squad and communicate. The biggest thing I can tell you is make sure the people in your squad know that you are new. At any time that you don't understand something, say something. If people don't know that you are new, when you mess up they will assume that you are stupid. Giving a quick heads up to the squad lead can buy you a lot of leeway. Also, understand that this is squad in 2019 + 1, team work is really spotty. Getting a good squad lead isn't as easy as it used to be. As you pick up some hours you will see the signs of a good squad lead and pick better in the future. Just know that having a good squad lead can really change the whole way the game goes. Either way, good luck!
  7. How should armoured vehicles be used?

    I just want the vehicles to be in close proximity to the infantry. There is some wiggle room for the tanks as they are a more independent type of vehicle. Warriors, Bulldogs, Strykers, and BTR-80s should all be with infantry. I dream of the day that they are no longer used as independent teams and are found native to the squad. I love to use APCs as an infantry squadleader. They give me the ability to directly push points. There is nothing better than watching your team on Al Basrah Invasion try to slog their way from fobs to ruins for twenty minutes straight only for my team to hot drop in a warrior right at the objective under a smoke plume. The risk of losing a cheap vehicle on an invasion layer is well worth the pay off of getting the cap with limited ticket loss. Generally, All the lighter APCs (Not the Bradley or BMPs) should steer clear of fighting other vehicles. They have the capability of doing so but they are much better served killing the heck out of infantry. The rule I use is that vehicles should only focus on killing things that are of a lesser class or equal to them. Leave the hunting of the vehicles to the MBTs and to an extent the heavy IFVs.
  8. Map ranging

    This guide is all you really need. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1617623261 It is so much quicker to use some estimates than trying to get the SL to mark something or to start counting squares on the map. I have in 400+ hours have maybe used the map twice to estimate range. At least in my opinion, engaging targets at over 300 meters with infantry antitank weapons is a waste of time. I have always felt that the infantry AT weapons are better used in a defensive role to protect the squad from overextended APCs and tanks, rather than an offensive role where they go out of their way to find targets. I've just gone with the rifleman first most often and found it to be pretty effective. Generally once the targets are in 400+ range then it is better off calling in the teams vehicle assets to take care of the threat.
  9. Statement.

    I think it is just the natural progressions of the game. The early game was made up of milsimers and people from PR. It was a much more niche community with a specific type of gameplay. As the game got more popular, more people from outside these communities came in. These new people brought their style of play and became more and more numerous. Eventually they became the majority and their play style ended up the meta. Almost every game nowadays encourages hyper aggressiveness. It's no surprise that these tactics migrated from the more casual gamer community. I have hope that the game will age well. It will hit its peak sometime after the full release. Some time after that we might see a hardcore niche community reform after the majority of players move on to a new game. A steady 2k playerbase of fairly squared away folks would be great. I just hope that the people that have some sense of the tactical aspects of the game stick around to keep it going in some small ways until then. In the end the game is still a hell of a lot of fun. I'd like to think that it was a bazillion times better in the old days but I'm sure that a huge chunk of that is just rose tinted glasses.
  10. Real RANDOM AAS maps

    I don't think that we will ever get to the point of the layers being truly random. I think the best that we will be able to do is keep upping the variety of layers. Some maps, especially the small one, will always run into the problem that we have now. There is only a limited amount of places that we can actually fight in. A limited number of places that can have capture points. Some people will always be able to figure out where these points are going to generally be after lots of play. I think when Skorpo was first being released that one of the goals with the map was to have many different areas on the same map to offer a variety of different locations and terrain types. But with that, I don't think that we have seen much of that, the devs seem pretty well set on getting optimization down as best as they can first. I think we can only be patient, Every update brings new layers and removes some of the old ones. I can only see it getting better at some future point.
  11. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    Why does everyone assume that something not getting done is due to laziness or greediness? It doesn't make any sense to me. Why can't it be as simple as they don't have an easy solution to the problem? Why can't it be that they don't have the resources to spend certain issues? It isn't even just in this game's case. Everyone seems to think that the companies that makes games have some sort of malicious intent. I also don't get the approach of trying to compare different games and development companies. What if Black Matter is made up of significantly more skilled people? Two different games with entirely different goals. This bothers me the most. Does anyone ever think that OWI might have to figure out how to fix these problems? Does it occur to anyone that they might not have some magical fix for some problem? As far as I know, this might be the first time that many of the devs have even worked on ue4. Didn't a bunch of them come from PR modding? Maybe they have to figure it out as they go along. There it is! The "even if they try to push out content, it isn't good enough!". Its the same exact cycle. Game has a lull in updates, people start to complain that they aren't getting anything, devs try to push out something in order to appease, it possibly gets pushed out before it was otherwise ready, people complain that it wasn't good enough.
  12. Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy Squad?

    Pretty much what everyone else said. You are 100% reliant on the quality of the teammates you have. As with almost any game, usually the quality of said teammates ends up coming up short. I've had luck with alleviating some of the frustration by squad leading every round. Usually if I can get a squad to a point where I don't have to hold their hands 24/7 then I can have a pretty good time. Really just focus on what you can control over what you can't. Your enjoyment will go up x100. You get out of it what you put into it.
  13. British Warrior/Armour

    I'd just love to see the warrior get a Milan launcher.
  14. Coax on right mouse button.

    I don't think it has anything to do with balancing the tanks. I think it is as simple as it being a system that works well enough, has some flaws, and doing a rework isn't as important as many other features. It will get fixed eventually. There was a similar thread on the steam forums where I believe a dev commented about them looking at fixing some things before the got around to adding in enhanced optics and thermals to the tanks.