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  1. I really like the idea of this one. This would be a great quality of life style improvement. A time for squad creations would be great. Like you said, most people just start joining whatever squad pops up first, then the rest of the squads might end up with people who didn't want to squad lead being forced to create one. I'm a super big fan of the idea of a time where people can not spawn in. I hate when I'm trying to coordinate with other squad leads but I am forced to listen to 20 or so people screech and mic spam music in local comms. Games are won and lost in the planning phase. This is especially the case with the way the commander vote system works. Most of the time I see the commander get assigned towards the end of the staging phase making it almost impossible for the commander to help assign objectives.
  2. In the mid 1990's, the M939 series of trucks were replaced by Oshkosh's MTV. Seeing that the current logistics truck found in game for US forces is the M939, It would be nice to see the game get the more modern version. In game, the new MTV would be functionally the same as its older counterpart but could offer many new variants that could enhance the game. Logistics Truck For the logistics variant of the MTV, a basic MTV with fold down cargo sides could be loaded with stacks of ammunition and supply crates much like the other trucks in game. Transport Truck The transport truck is where the extra varieties come in. One of the things that I have always wanted to see in game is more light vehicle gameplay. On most layers, the transport truck is usually left at main and rarely ever used. In order to increase the viability of light vehicle use, the transport truck could be armed with either a M2 or M240 machinegun allowing the truck to defend itself. The truck could also be added in as an unarmed variant as well as either armored or unarmored types. Squads could then fit into a single vehicle rather than having to split itself into multiple. Would love to hear others ideas on this topic. Criticisms from people who know more on this topic are greatly appreciated!
  3. A simple leveling system

    I hope that I never see progression in this game. I see it too often that people wish for the game to be more like other games. One of the reasons that I have come to love squad is that there is no grind, nothing to unlock, it is only about how well your team does. Progression is a gimmick added to many games in order to give the player a reason to keep playing the game. Squad has no reason to have this seeing that most people are here due to the fact that the game is great. With this, I feel that any added stat feature or ranking system would lead the game in a direction that I do not want to see the game go in. I feel that too many people would focus on trying to level up their character or try to increase their K/D. This would take away, I believe, from people focusing on helping their team and make many focus on helping themselves. This is an extremely team focused game and it should be mostly discouraged to act for yourself rather than the squad. This is the part that I take the biggest problem with. The way that the OP describes it, it seems to be functioning just as it should in my mind. I've put almost 350 hours into this game and the "progression" that I have noticed has been great. I remember when I started out I only played medic. It took me over 100 hours before I stepped outside of the comfort of the basic classes in order to take a kit that requires more responsibility. Then I started learning to play as the AT rifleman and progressed my abilities with some of the other specialist kits. As time went on I felt myself getting a solid understanding of how the game works and soon I was growing tired of getting squad leads that seemed to have no idea how to play the game. I then started to learn how to squad lead myself. At first I didn't do very well but decided to stick with it and try to learn the role. Now we come to today where I almost exclusively squad lead each match and continue to grow my ability to do so. A level feature is a fake way of inducing this feeling. Over the year or two that I've had this game, I've seen my skills get better and have never gotten the feeling that I need some arbitrary system to show my skill.
  4. Revamp Russian Ground Forces

    This. It is important to keep in mind that much of the newer Russian military equipment is in very low production due to Russia having a very small economy. Upgraded Soviet era gear still makes up the vast majority of Russian stocks. I definitely don't want to see the things like the AK-12 added into the game seeing that it isn't standard issue and won't be for many more years. A better way to give the Russians an upgrade would be to add in their airborne troops. Although the basic infantry weapons aren't much different, vehicles would have a wide variety to choose from and uniforms would look different as well.
  5. My Christmas list for Squad

    This would be a really good place to see some of the older atgms that the soviets made like the metis or fagot.
  6. Add ability to put weapon on safe.

    I could see it being one of those things that very few people would ever use. Maybe if it tied into another system that made it a little bit more useful. Possibly when switched to safe the weapon goes into that lowered state and you get a slight speed increase?
  7. My Christmas list for Squad

    No it isn't obvious because these are two completely different things. Apples to oranges dude. An aimbot does all the work for you. For the mortar calculator you still need to know where the target is in order to hit anything in the first place. Yes it does give the player an advantage over the other who isn't using it but how is it an unfair advantage if everyone has access to it? There is even a pinned thread on the calculator here on the forums so it is clear that even the devs don't see it as an exploit.
  8. My Christmas list for Squad

    How in the world is using a mortar calculator considered cheating?
  9. Will there ever be object damage?

    I think that it might be one of those things that have to be planned from the beginning in order for it to work. It would probably take a complete overhaul of the entire. I've also heard people say that these kind of things don't work too well in UE4.
  10. Vehicles are meant to be OP. Why wouldn't a coax be super accurate? Its a gun mounted on a stable mount and calibrated to work with the vehicle's optics. Keep in mind that on something like a main battle tank, most infantry carried anti tank systems do not have the ability to penetrate the armor reliably. That is why you must aim to disable the vehicle by hitting the rear or the tracks and letting the dedicated assets clean up the rest.
  11. Emotes

    Get ready to get a lot of crap for this post. I'm sure a lot of people are gonna hate this one. As to my opinion of this, this doesn't add anything to the game. Nobody. Absolutely NOBODY wants micro transactions added to this game. Even if they were added to the game without a paywall, it still isn't one of those things that I would want to be added. For the emotes that you specifically mentioned, what is stopping you from doing them in game already? There is nothing stopping you from shooting your gun in the air and screeching on mic. Even with the timer given to prevent spam, it still only serves to annoy others. I, as well as many others, can't stand the call for medic button that was added recently. It happens at least once each game where a few people are dead and a medic rolls up and starts patching people up, then some idiot starts spamming the button trying to get the medics attention. Although I would love for as many players to be able to play, If you don't have a mic or don't want to talk, get one or move on. This game is communication focused. One of the major reasons that I have been drawn to Squad is that it is a game like no other. Any addition like this only serves the purpose to make it more like all those big games that everyone is trying to get away from. Its the same thing as all the people that ask for character customization, or weapon skins (other than the one promised to the backers). Like I've posted time after time, this game isn't about the individual. Its about the team as a whole. If you can't play the game without the little things that set you apart from others, this game isn't for you. People have been spoiled by all the crap modern games add in to keep people interested. Also, if you want some way to support the devs, recommend the game to friends or buy copies for others. The developers are not hurting for money when you keep in mind all the sales that happen every few weeks. I bought this game once and expect that the only time I will be spending money on it is if I'm getting it for a friend.
  12. I'm against any kind of skill based system in Squad. There is simply no metric in game that can determine skill. K/D doesn't mean anything when a medic can go an entire round killing no enemies, dying 6 times, but reviving 15 of his squad mates. Is he less skilled than the marksman who killed 20 enemies and died twice? Squad score doesn't work as well, I know you can certainly game that system. What about win rate? Nope. Like you complained about in your post, you can do all that you can but get screwed over when the team doesn't work well together. The only auto balancing feature that I wouldn't mind in game would be a vote system (or maybe better an admin tool) for a random team scramble. This though would not stop players from simply switching back to whatever team that they wish to be on. Any team balancing system runs into the problem of splitting up friends and others from playing with each other. If the squad lead that I played with last round did a great job, I would like to join his squad in the next round. What if I did horrible the previous round but my buddy did great? Am I not able to play with him? These types of systems seem to bring more issues to the game that what they solve. It isn't about the skill of the individual but the skill of the team as a whole. The real solution to this issue is to try to stick it out. One of the biggest problems that occurs during a stomp is that players tend to leave the losing team in order to join the winning team or another server. This only snowballs the issue. Although it seems a bit cliche at times, leading by example is great in this situation. Many times the reason for a stomp is one team is communicating effectively and the other may not be communicating at all. Communicate to the team where you are going, what you are doing, how you are doing it. If you do it, another squad might do it and so on. In the end sometimes doing everything you can just isn't enough, if you play 3-4 matches where every one is a loss it might be time to just switch servers. There is no use in getting frustrated with the game. Give up and try again later.
  13. Penalize Lone Wolfing

    This. Its the squad lead's duty to punish this. not the game's.
  14. V17 Radio man role

    The commander shouldn't be taking a full squad. At the most 2-3 other guys to either run logis or fire mortars. Plus with the UAVs the need to be at the front isn't really a factor.
  15. 8gb ddr3 ??

    This. I run a 960 2gb with an FX 6300 and 8gb of ddr3. It chugs a bit at times but tends to work well enough for my tastes. A SSD is the game changer. Based on your specs it will run decent not well. If you can tolerate mid 40s to high 50s then you'll do fine.