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  1. SWAT Experience but short life span

    Thanks I will be on the next couple days
  2. Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum but have been a pseudo SWAT instructor for a certain product used for dynamic entry. So I know myway around a pie and use a throat mic for my game play. Ive worked with operators from many forces been to NOLA shorty after Katrina for FEMA, been to sandboxes but am not and will never claim to be a operator or operative. anyway I have a super rare condition that causes issues and I have gotten full bone marrow transplants, plasmapharesis, IMMUNE replacement therapy’s, etc. so I disappear sometimes. Other times I’m playing 24/7, so mixed bag. Anyway, my condition is called IGE subclass 3 deficiency plus stiff person plus with antibodies, the sps causes muscles to pull at 100% for no reason, so have had lungs collapse, labrum ripped from hips, etc.... I have a mobile kill house we can move around in my garage that friends and swat/operators use to work on room clearance with dry fire and air soft with blowback that is as close as you can get to real in a garage . dude
  3. I’m starting the process