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  1. killhouse course

    Thank you for your reply. No, nothing works and I cross the line a couple times to see if it resets but it never does.
  2. Controls not working

    I would really like to play this game but every time I join a server other than the training server my controls stop working. Mostly my fire or aiming keys which I have change bindings to the numeric pad. Not sure why this happens. Any ideas?
  3. killhouse course

    I am working on getting a handle on controlling my character before I enter a battle. I went to the training center and found the killhouse course where all the targets are not set. I crossed the line that says reset course but nothing happens. Is this area meant for a squad and needs a squad leader to reset the targets?
  4. Need help getting started

    Thanks oTec for your help. I went through the bindings and sorted out any repeated keys. The problem I was having with the gate had nothing to do with the key bindings. Apparently there were two different loads I had to load on the truck and until I loaded the correct amount of both loads the gates remained closed.
  5. Need help getting started

    Thank you for your replies. Sorry I may have confused the issue with my second post. I am able to load the truck. The problem is that when I load the truck and get in to drive to the destination the gate doesn't open to let me out. I try using different key presses on the gate but it never opens. Not sure if that is because my bindings are conflicting or there was something I missed to get the gate to open.
  6. Need help getting started

    I have since key binding became an option in PC games used my numbers pad on the keyboard. It appeared that binding the interaction key to number pad Enter didn’t seem to work sometimes. It may be that I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing? I did well up until the point of loading the truck and then it seemed the keys I pressed didn’t do anything.
  7. Need help getting started

    I have been searching for a FPS that is in fact first person and offers a key binding option. So far I have purchased and requested refunds on 3 games that did not deliver my expectations. I purchased Squad and played the ‘Firing Range’ option and decided this game fits the bill. Problem is that when I came to the part where you load a truck and drive it to a location the gate never opened. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong or my key binds weren’t working properly. Because of the previous disappointments I got frustrated and requested a refund. After seeing many YouTube videos I am convinced this is the game for me but if I can’t work out the controls I will only be a liability to a squad. My question is this: When I load the truck and get in to drive forward what did I need to do to raise the barrier? My other question is if you see me wanting to join your squad would you think “oh shit it’s that noob” and decline my request to join? ;o)