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  1. I joined a server, fresh match. Create a Squad, take Lead Pilot (I like to fly helis in games like these), squad Joins= full squad Im like "Cool, I can run an aggressive airborne squad" (Ive gotten really good at high speed/low Altitude fast landings) Ive done this on another server too I would land the squad, quickly hop out to drop radio, HAB, ammo crate, and then take off again. And then continually provide airborne support to my squad through resupplies or moving to the next soon-to-be FOB location for continuing aggression Anyways, im in the server, and then I get kicked out of SQUAD to recruit (I was SL) Im like strange, whatever. Get my kit again, back in heli, boutta take off, kicked from server I checked the server rules, and helis apparently can ONLY be their own squad, with NO infantry involved. (2 man squads of two pilots ONLY) And im finding more and more servers are restricting like this To me, this seems a waste of a valid playstyle for helis. Having them be their own squad restricts them more to a mere supply ferry rather than an aggressive strategic tool as it significantly increases the amount of "go-between" between a heli and their prospective squad
  2. First let me say that most of the combat is VERY enjoyable in this game HOWEVER< I have always disliked the CQC combat, as it just doesn't feel right. IRL, in 99 out of 100 cases, the one to win a CQC fight is the one that hits first, but in this game, without any aim punch, all too often I will hit my opponent first but still lose the fight because he got a headshot. I think adding aim punch (the mechanic where a player's aim is physically jerked around when hit) would help make CQC fights feel more natural.