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  1. 100% Pomp, just jump on our discord, We are very welcoming people
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Vincent & Vickers Tag: [UK-VV] Link: https://discord.gg/YZKSRwD Language: English Description: "Fun, Dedicated community wanting to build up to a massive group. Learn and develop as new players." Members: ~5+ We also play: For Honor, Gta5, Rainbow Six Siege and more...
  3. UsG-Clan

    If you want a server to play on we are building a squad team community together and looking for groups to join us
  4. Looking to start a NEW CLAN

    How is this going? If your struggling we have a server community we are trying to build up you can bring your squad over to us:
  5. LFG

    Well we are not as structured as these guys but hit this up if you want to join We have our own server:
  6. Looking for team OCE

    Hi SuperSpitfire, We are a new community if you are interested in joining:
  7. Awesome, sounds good see you on soon
  8. We only have a few as we are starting out. We are building our team together and tact it out on other servers then once we have built up enough active players we will branch into our server we own. You can search for vincent on the custom browser and its there but we know squad is better with a full server
  9. Vincent & Vickers now recruiting! We are a new squad community looking for dedicated, tactical and overall fun players to join our awesome community. We have a server set up and running just needing players to start some intense PvP action. We are currently looking for Squad Leaders and tactical players! Using our newly created high performance server we have in our arsenal located on the main server browser we will strive to be the biggest and best community out there! All we ask for is maturity and dedication. Be you but treat others with respect. If you are interested then join our Discord server and we can start building from there. http://vincentandvickers.co.uk https://discord.gg/YZKSRwD See you in the battlefield!