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  1. Some New Nations Idea

    Damn thats pretty nice
  2. Some New Nations Idea

    Yeah go ahead and add it in this thread
  3. Some New Nations Idea

    Just though I can start a topic and see what you guys think about any new nations you guys would like to see. Reasons why I think my chosen nation would work well in Squad is: Vehicle models in game can be used for it, weapon models, appropriate maps work for it, and the conflict it’s are in today. And vehicles that are still used by it today. 1. Ukraine Army Vehicles: Tank: T-72 IFV: BMP-1, BMP-2 APC: BTR-80, BTR-82, MT-LB (NSVT and PKT Version) Scout Car: BRDM-2 Anti Tank: BRDM Spandrel Anti Air: BMP-ZSU Logistics- Zil-131 Transport: Zil-131 Heli: Mi-8 Weapons: Automatic Assault Rifle: AKM, AK-74, AK-74M, AKS-74, LMGs: PKM, RPK-74, RPK-74M Carbines: AKS-74U Sniper: SVD, SVDM Pistol: PM Anti Tank: RPG-7 (with and without optic) RPG-29 Grenades: F1, RGD-5 Knife: AKM Bayonet Heavy Machine Guns (Stationary) : DSHKA, NSVT Anti Tank Weapons (Stationary): SPG-9, 9M133 Combat is still happening where Ukraine fights (War In Donbass). Can be used on maps like Yehorivka (based in Ukraine), Gorodok, or Belya (for alternate history) Opponents: Russian Army, Irregular Militia What Nations do you guys they should add?
  4. Its honestly gotten to the point of unplayable where claiming a vehicle that you want is nearly impossible because every server has their own set of rules, and admins do the shit they always want. I have gotten kicked for making a squad first then getting denied by the admins and kicked. And i have gotten kicked for getting the vehicle first, but then again, admins give it to the people who have made the squad first. This is honestly gotten ridiculous its honestly impossible without someone crying to the admins. Who ever has the fastest PC is almost always going to get it what they want first, leaving the people who really want to use that vehicle in the dust. Might as well not even call the server noob friendly when its just people who repeat the same shit on the same server.
  5. Problem with microphone

    Yeah it turns out I had to disable all audio options except for the actual microphone. For some reason even when I chose a main for my microphone it refused to use it unless it was the only option left.
  6. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    What’s your opinion, BMP-1 better or BMP-2?
  7. So I find that when I play in pretty much any server, I get around 60% of the time is either America vs Russia, or Britain vs Russia. I don’t know why there can’t be more Militia and Insurgents team per match, or hell, even Canadians. I feel like they don’t get as much love as they should, and I find they are so much more fun to play with, since you got more vehicles to choose from, along with your weapons. And even the tactics change a lot to really get that Militia/Insurgent feel. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but what would you guys suggest? More or less Insurgents/Militia
  8. Problem with microphone

    I have not, but I will try
  9. Problem with microphone

    Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has any solution why my mic won't work. I have 2 audio options, 1 is my relatek microphone that worked perfectly fine, discord can hear me perfectly, steam can hear me perfectly. Then i have a USB microphone option, that has an audio options but no sounds comes out of it (supposed to have a mic plugged into it but i have built in microphone on my laptop). Ever since A16, my microphone won't pick up to anyone. It has no microphone symbol when it shows i'm in the squad, but before A16 they could hear me, even when the microphone symbol was not there. I tried going into steam and putting my relatek microphone which tests fine, and in the windows settings, where again it tested fine. But every time i log into a squad match no one can hear me. Any suggestions?
  10. Russian IFV's?

    That’s what I’m trying to get at, BTR82s should never have to face Bradley’s, but some times they are forced to, because some Russian teams lacks any proper IFVs, and since Squad classifies the BTR82 as an IFV, they get stopped by them. 1 BMP-2 and 2 BTR-82s is in most cases no match for 3 Bradley’s. So that being said, it would be more useful if the other team had something on par with the BTR82 if they would have to face off. And make Bradley’s vs BMP-2s more common to help balance things out
  11. Russian IFV's?

    You are absolutely right, they should add a more sophisticated vehicle models, like ammo detonation, gun barrel and breech damage, and maybe crew knock out. This could mean that vehicles are used more sparingly, and serve more of a true purpose rather then just rushing into a objective while tanking a few RPG shots or just downright getting blown up to vastly superior vehicles. And would generally feel more realistic, and less casual.
  12. Russian IFV's?

    Strykers definetly no problem dealing with. But the BTR-82 is classified as a IFV according to the in game legend. Bradleys are definetly more superior when it comes to facing BTR82s as they have much much better armor, and better weaponry, and are also classified as a IFV. So what my point is, either add more BMP2s, where BTR82s make up most Russian IFVs, or buff it enough to be able to face them, though in my opinion, are more suited for APC action and should therefore classify as an APC
  13. Russian IFV's?

    So i know that btr-82s are pretty much classified as IFVs, but, correct me if im wrong, are more suited for apc role? Bradleys and above can easily dominate BTR82s as they have way lower health, and in my opinion, a worse gun. So im wondering if adding more BMP2s for each map would maybe balance things out more? What do you guys suggest?