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  1. Removed

    any Moderator, if it possible to close this topic; please Do!, but before you close; just want to clarify that all other cinematics I worked on! Despite this one (Squad alpha 16 trailer) Btw guys, if you don't want me to call it 'Fan-Made', what shall i call it then? maybe i am mistaken or something
  2. Removed

    Alright, i see how it goes! i am removing this video as well despite giving the credits in the description
  3. Removed

    Anyway, if you want me to remove This cinematic also, Tell me and i will remove it! ( despite all i just wanted is to interact with your community and share some work together, but you just criticized me for stealing, Although it wasn't my intention to remove the credits, literally something i didn't notice AT ALL!) Why Would i Steal Anyway!!?!?!?!?!? deheck?
  4. Removed

    i understand your point, but to be honest with you, all other cinematics for other games i worked hard on ( they are all from Trailers or scenes) i Edited them and recompiled them in such a way that it matches and suits the beats of the song (or the song in General!); except for this trailer, The alpha 16 Squad Trailer, as i mentioned earlier that it is only fan made in the since of cinematic effects. and regarding the point of removing credits at the end, that was my fault and i apologized about it! because i didn't notice them at first as they were removed by the black bars effect! i only noticed them when you guys start criticizing this cinematic and stuff, For Real XD! Anyway i removed the trailer, and only left the one with halsey-without you remix, and added credits in the beginning of the description! But to make it clear for you, all the other trailers i WORKED ON! except this one, just added the cinematic effects and that's all! we clear, mate?
  5. Removed

    Hey Lordas, i had a lot of difficulties try to post this post on this forum, site not able to handle my request or something, anyway i want to clarify the misunderstanding, First of all Everything aside from the Cinematic effects applied to this video is not mine! rights goes to their original owners including you, i read your message and understood your point of view, i didn't pay attention to the credits given to three persons at the end of the video when i was adding the black bars effect Thus, it was hidden with the black bar effect, My apologizes! i swear to you i didn't have intention of stealing your work or something! i just like the the game and was happy when i saw this cinematic/video so all i did, was just make it more cinematic (sharpening, black bars, color corrections, etc) That's ALL Mate! and i am sorry if that was mean to you or your co-workers in the video! now, mind if i re uploaded the video with the cinematic effects and i will remove the black bars in the end to show credits! if you want any links to be added tell me! Thanks for your understating and i hope that was all a misunderstanding! and my apologizes if i didn't clarify the situation earlier
  6. Removed

    Thanks Mate! Appreciated
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