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  1. Mic Not Working in Squad

    Indeed it does work in other games and discord. I figured it to be the game itself after I tried everything i could to fix it. Any ideas?
  2. I just purchased the game today, im very pleased with the features and aspects of Squad, though there is a small problem I am facing that is with communication. I join a lobby I press V for local B for squad and G for command. Which I receive no reply. Sure maybe a prank may be ignored. So I get a friend on and see if he hears anything, puts him in my lobby in my squad etc. He hears nothing. Problem. I have a STEEL SERIES Arctis 7 wireless headset. Ive tried using default device configurations for the sound options under the control panel, ive tried updating all my drivers, even running steam as administrator. Hell I even went on the forums for hours and it seems everyone is having the same problem as me though I hear others on the game using their mics so it seems its not a large issue. Is there an aspect that I am not considering ? someone knowledgeable please help.