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  1. timezone for server is 24 hours a day i updated the groups (so you can see where they are from)
  2. Hello guys, we would like to share our server with other clans !! (because our PING on the server is one of the best !) offcourse we search for clans that doesnt have there own server. we want to share our active licenced server with multiple clans so we can form 1 big active community on 1 server ! 4 clan members from all clans would be approved to be admin on the server.(we use battlemetrics for that) (there will be 1 head admin,to check the other admins,because abusing is no option offcourse !) the server name is called ----> : ☆☆☆ United Gaming [EU/ENG] ☆☆☆ and will be online 24 hours a day on this moment we have 2 clans active ( and searching for 2 more) [100%] 20+ Active members { Group from EUROPE} [UAF] 35+ Active members { Group from Middle East} .......? ......? we search clans with : - atleast 20+ active members - Admins MUST be able to speak english - Clan founder or head admins from the specific clan must be able to speak english - we preffer EU ( or close to EU) located clans - we use 1 discord,where ALL the people from the community can sign up for SEEDING TIME - ONLY partners from the server are allowed to recruit on the server (for there own clan) do you feel something for this ?? please join our discord to talk abbout it ! DISCORD ----- > https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    100% = in KOHAT AAS v1
  4. List of active clans and communities

    name: 100% United Gaming tag: [100%] Discord: : https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV language: english [EU] PROMO VIDEO -----> https://streamable.com/749xj
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    hi here new fireteam leader from 100% 100% = in Fools road !