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  1. at night maps no flashes on the gun ?

    some flash hiders completely eliminate flash.You asking to add unrealistic flash to make game more arcady?They should add night visions and thermal sights like in real life combat instead of arcade flashes
  2. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    This game is based on "fantasy" Russia vs America conflict and also its not military simulator.you dont have to make political correct game.it would be more fun to make with all available real life tech in this conflict that could potentially happen(without nuclear weapons.LoL) P.S just for fun stats.new BTR 82a cost russia only 350000$ dollars per unit,main reason they didnt bought btr 90 is price awcorse.in early 90s first generation of btr 90 had 510 hp engine with automatic gearbox,ability to turn on one place(4 front wheels going left and 4 back wheels going right(yes back wheels can turn aswell :)) with optional by default air conditioner and thermal sights+ armor that protects from 50 cal bullets all sides+shit tons of weaponry.now just imagine how much money they saved for not buying it(sadly)
  3. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    I think devs dont know yet how to balance them(because of lack of anti vehicle weapons and small maps).thats why they adding old ass junk vehicles to russians instead of modern first.all russian modern ifvs/apc,s have high anti infantry capabilities.they would just wipe infantry.imagine if we would had btr 90,s(any model of 3 exist)instead of btr 8* junk,bmp 3+bmp2m and tiger armored jeeps with 30mm cannons.For example in arma 2/3 huge ass maps 3km+ with open field,thermals working,good gun stabilization but vehicles less powerfull than in squad because of good anti tank weapons and quantity(rockets)