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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Ok so I know most people are gonna say their own country's military and so forth. But I was thinking if you can break down the different conflict zones into separate made-up military campaigns in diffuse geographical regions of the world. Then you have the two already in the game like: South Russia Russia Militia: South Russia/Caucasus region militia. But not Chechen's you know, just "militia". Central Asia (Afghanistan) United States Army British Armed Forces Insurgents: Not the Taliban per say, just "Insurgents" Then we can add new ones like: The Middle East USA UK Mashriq: A vision of pan Arab unity from the 70's made this fictional middle eastern dictatorship. It's large army with old Russian materiel fight all their neighboring country's basically. Israel Iran Insurgents: Arab Islamic insurgent's Eastern Europe (Kaliningrad Oblast, but not really Kaliningrad Oblast) Russia Germany Militia: Neo-kommunist militia South China Sea Peoples Republic of China United Stated Marine Core East Africa (Northern Mali conflict) France Insurgents: African Islamic insurgent's