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  1. Joystick keyinputs

    Bump, Helos in coming!
  2. Ingame voice chat not working for me

    My in game stopped working after a windows update. What fixed it it was checking my mic AND speaker settings. It seems Windows defaulted to 5.1 surround sound meaning I wasn’t hearing in game voip on my headphone setup. (I could be heard of course). Hope me this helps.
  3. VOIP FIX Squad Comms Channel

    Hi guys, I had a problem where I could not hear my Squad mates but they could hear me. I could hear some Local VOIP but it was intermittent. I resolved this issue after noticing my Sound Card settings had somehow changed to Surround Sound 5.1 rather than Stereo. I guess that the Squad sound engine puts the comms in the center or rear channels. Oddly I could hear the transmit beeps, just not what was being said. It was a very frustrating few days but I'm happy now. I have a Sound Blaster AE-5 Soundcard and I think that a recent Windows update interfered with my soundcard settings somehow. Hope this helps! Dave the WARHAMSTER