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  1. In game founder weapon skin?

    Where do we stand on the soundtrack, still shows up as me having to buy it on Steam or does that come as a separate download? EDIT: Founder tag isn't working either by the looks of it
  2. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Already been asked but I don't see an answer, for those of us who got the packages with bells and whistles for just one key also had another "regular" key in there, is there any difference between keys we received today or they are both the same and any extras get sorted out at a later time?
  3. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    I'll swap you my keys from the $100 package :P
  4. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Been around on and off with PR myself, would mostly find me on insurgency mode maps.
  5. Seems email was blocked altogether on my Hotmail account but got it now so big thanks to the poor person who's stuck answering all technical queries tonight!
  6. Calm you passion woman Although admittedly don't have anything yet myself, hope they have enough people to sort keys by this evening for those of us who got nothing. EDIT: Speak of the devil, got an email a minute after this
  7. I thought Canadians were nice?
  8. Should everyone have had an email by now? What's the correct procedure if you haven't?
  9. Disappointed but ultimately I always did think the deadlines sounded very optimistic so rather play something more ready and certainly stable.
  10. Definitely up for this, but gameplay wise you'd probably have to make it unrealistic to balance it well.
  11. For new players.

    Well I always went by the simple concept that the enemy doesn't wear the uniforms that my friendlies are wearing around me Saying that friendly fire still can happen in a lot of cases, when you need to make split second decisions during CQB, engaging over long distances, lack of scopes or during those moments when friend and foe are all mixed in together so no amount of looking at a map will help you. Also I game on a 14" laptop so can't see things as clearly as those gaming on larger monitors!
  12. Adrenaline boost under suppression

    While it makes sense when you think about it, gameplay wise it will encourage poor planning and tactical play. Friendly fire thing also been mentioned and even if you turn it off (the adrenaline boost, no FF itself) then realistically that doesn't make sense, end of the day you're getting shot at and your body would respond the same.
  13. Backblast all Clear??

    Pretty sure I heard that it will be implemented as well.
  14. Consoles

    I can imagine it may be a very distant possibility after the release of the PC version, but would be a bit of a PITA when you bear in mind all the keys involved.
  15. Insurgents Hotwiring Vehicles

    I can see why it's not possible in PR from gameplay point of view but from realistic views I did wonder why conventional forces couldn't get into a regular pickup truck and drive that as it's quite simply a regular car. Same could also apply to insurgents and light vehicles like the HMMWV, Land Rovers, G-Wagons etc. Anything that requires technical knowledge to drive would be out of question though of course. It could open up some interesting opportunities for insurgents such as driving a HMMWV into a favourable ambush positions for example and waiting for someone to attempt to get into them. In reality though gameplay wise it would probably translate a lot of gamers simply jumping into a HMMWV and 'roadkilling' squads who won't be sure if the vehicle is being driven by friend of foe.