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  1. Tank need at least 4 man to operate

    I would love if it could be driver, gunner and commander in your tank. Commander should work like a spotter and ofcourse command the tank. adding loader would be useless in my opinion. it would only take away one person that could be good somewhere else.
  2. Adaptive maps

    I really like this, it was always a problem with PR that people would take assets before it was allowed, or they take assets as soon it is allowed and it will wreck everything.
  3. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    well if the rank only means rank and there is no unlock bullshit when you reach this rank I dont see why not and it surely wouldnt be very high priority.
  4. What Got You Into Tactical Fps's?

    I started playing Arma 2 just for fun with a group then it just became the thing I really like now. And now I play all kinds of FPS games but I mostly play arma 3 koth because of the game pace.
  5. How Many Shots To Kill A Player?

    I think. 1 shot to the head. 1-3 chest/stomach depending where you hit because I guess there will be a more detailed hit zones where heart is. anything lower should only cripple the player from running fast and bleeding and ofcourse in need for a medic.
  6. Well like it is now there seems to be US army/marines vs taliban/ISIS. But I really hope for a USSR(russia) vs mujahideen(taliban) maps. There are a few more I can think off but I take what I am given
  7. Destruction / Physics

    It sure would be disappointing if PR have more destructable enviroment. I dont know what this engine already have for destructable enviroment but I really hope you can bring down walls and buildings. And hopefully buildings fully destroyed will look like those in Arma 3, still able to take cover in them.
  8. Sound Barrier For Jets And Others

    I dont really see the need for this ingame. The only thing that I could find some needed is the trail you get from the tip of your wings when make a sharp turn.
  9. Fixed wing / Rotary aircraft?

    With such big maps that I really would like you would also need a vehicle that is spawned ALL the time. otherwise people will quit and stop playing the game and it will be a small player count that PR have now.
  10. My Reaction to SQUAD

    I really cant wait for this game! really hope this is going to be good.
  11. Gore

    I wouldnt make this a big priority. first gore parts would only be blood splatter and the pink mist and in the future maybe body parts flying.
  12. This would be awesome and VERY useful. And same like Peanut, way to many times I have ran out of ammo and no crate or ammo bag near by.
  13. Price?

    I would gladly pay 25-30 euro for a game like this
  14. Slots Per Server

    I seen the answer before and I think they said 90 people or 100 I dont really remember.
  15. back blast (and tank fire)

    I would really like to have this ingame. Agreed with Merlin, block of hearing and maybe some blurr for a few seconds if you are to close. maybe some minor bleeding aswell.