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  1. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    Well, tags would help... And I'm not the problem, squad will most likely someday get into esports, or maybe some other tournament stuff, like any other game does overtime, proffessional gaming is competitive, and its hard to stay calm when people believe they're gods for having seven kills and not listening to the squadlead, and the admins doing nothing. While any squadlead is allowed to kick for any reason, wouldn't you agree that kicking players start/Mid game would ruin the whole game, missing either a medic, or whatever role he picked, and take focus away from the actual game. If people can't be good, have to boast about their killing blows, and not listening to the squadlead because of that, they are not playing the game as it is intended. I paid, owi advertised tactical, great gameplay, and I dont get it? I'm 100% in my right to get toxic and mad, and the admins on the servers do nothing but let those suckers keep on talking shit. One comment here mentions its a game ,and they wanna relax, when they play, well..... Gaming and shooting games in general are not relaxing, its fast phased, pick another game to relax too, shooting games are anything but relaxing, and winning is fun, losing isnt.
  2. Anyone else who can't tolerate bad players?, be it they've played for years, or just started. I refrain from joining servers that says new player friendly, or in any other shape or form promotes that bad people are welcome. Unfortunately you meet people that have played for years that think they're good at the game on other servers, and it kinda makes me mad. And when you meet such people who can't use their (IQ) that their genes or life has give them, and put that (IQ) to proper use, it makes me toxic, when people are unwilling to follow orders from the squadlead, because they think they're better, ninety-nine percent of the time that's delusional. When a player brags about having 7 kills but wont listen to reason because of those 7 kills, while losing the match, that's amazingly retarded. I haven't found one server that supports good gameplay, always bunch of twats that can't play, get mad in public channels and get me kicked because I can't tolerate shitbags that wont listen to orders. Can't OWI as a rule implement a (MUST HAVE TAG: on the servername if they tolerate dumb noobs) So the servers that don't tolerate them don't get them?, And so the abusive and too delusionally mature admins actually acquire a good server, instead of a server where people don't get good gameplay. I honest to god am tired of noobs wether they've played for years and think they're good, or totally new ruining my gaming experience and the whole teams, not listening to the leaders. The exception would be the US servers, there's great players, great teamworkers, actual good players, sadly its at night in europe they play, and the ping is horrendous, The EU always has to **** up anything good, the playersbase that is. The individuals that aren't.... too bright.
  3. I'm not sure wether this game is getting worse or better. First the crashing, and now occasionally you can't even click on your menu as a squadlead, you can enter and leave vehicles but you can't unload supplies, put rallies, radio's or anything. I'm reinstalling, I am doing everything and games get worse and worse with more bugs at every turn. Developers?
  4. fall damage not realistic

    Note to self: Don't jump off another mans head. I have jumped from multiple buildings, and vehicles, and never taken fall damage, I crouch everytime I jump off something high just a reflex of mine idk, but never take the DMG, try it out.
  5. Crash Logs.

    Crash log 1. Today. Crash log 2. Today
  6. fall damage not realistic

    You probably got shot or you shouldn't jump off a tank???
  7. What's up with the crashing?

    Haha, No. I play all the roles, but sometimes I feel like gunner, sniper, sapper, etc. But the developers have fixed it now, they've made being a rifleman just as good an experience. Although, my issue has partly been fixed, waiting for the total optimization so I never ever crash.
  8. fall damage not realistic

    Tell me and answer me honestly. If you had two choices, for this genre of shooter, the whole plot that makes people want to play: 1. Take fall damage from jumping onto soil from 3 meters. Or 2. Have 95% of all the servers players bunnyjump around roofs, and not even take the game seriously, like some CS:GO clone. This is what you get, there is no other outcome, if they removed the fall damage you'd see people jumping around, and making macros to double jump everywhere, and that ruins the whole aspect. To take up fall damage in the first place is "Dumb", really dumb, you bought a tactical game, and you don't want to be tactical? - I only jump over walls I can get a mate to boost me over, I never jump down from rooftops, I ask for coverfire while running down those damn stairs where that one sniper knows I will be coming down at. Its very simple, if you don't like fall damage, then you're not playing the game right. Many people don't know this but, squad is actually not a push game, you're not really suppost to be running towards objectives at the speed everyone is, and build fobs right away, squad is intended to be realistic. You rally up, push up slowly with your team, and then you wait for the enemy to come, and the outcome of that will be a firefight head on, by the two factions. Because they will move closer and closer, and that's where the tactical gameplay starts. But nobody does that, that's why you see enemies behind you half the time, and you don't actually get killed from infront, but from the side or behind you. Real life is slow paced until the action begins, I have studied the ancient youtube videos of actual marines in combat, and how they move, although it might not be a hundred percent accurate, and I meant this as a joke, as in its superficial knowledge, but again people are playing the game wrong for the most part. A team that plays tactical like I explained it will always beat the normal tactics of just rushing, because people will get seperated, and its going to be a 9vs1 or 2-3 and where the 9 is tactical covering each other, the three are just mindlessly charging. So for anyone who actually does play like that "NIce!"
  9. Possible (Fix) For crashing issues.

    Cheers, although I noticed that it fixed the crashing when it comes to playing maps where the teams are US, militia, etc, but when a canadian team is present I crash. So that is still an issue. But I hate the canadian team, so happy my game doesn't crash when its US maps. It used to crash playing any map, but the directx thing fixed that.
  10. Its the game, its not AMD; or NVIDIA. Its basically just the early stages, they have not optimized the game yet to work well with players pc's, I had the same issues, the issue I had was not only that squad had removed the directX file, it also has to do with the canadian update, most of the time I have issues playing when its a map with canadians, but if its not chances are very slim that the game crashes. You should not worry one bit, with your specs it cant be your fault, but squads, if they dont intend to fix the issue and leaves it, then you will have to custom buiild your pc just for squad, because any other game, and game developers make sure the game works for everyone, and only requires you to have the specs required, and you definitely have that. I used to play squad with old hardware, and it worked perfectly fine, and we're talking old hardware Geforce GTX 770, and no issue. 16 GB ram, and 2k vram, I didn't get the full experience, but game was smooth, now I upgraded, and It crashes due to the canadian update, and other things they've added, itss their fault, not yours. But then again its in early stages of development, are we allowed to complain, yes. because the issue is a fundamental issue, one they should have fixed before releasing the patches. they failed to do so, but should we expect them to make it a priority? no, its early stages, all we can hope is they actually fix the issue in time, so we can test the game properly. Many users dont complain about crashing, but they will eventually, in some cases others are hit way before others, and it might be a hardware issue, but it shouldn't have to be, and when the updates and bugs catch up to people with better hardware, then they will start crashing, and so forth. And overall I shouldn't crash, I dont overheat, I dont get low fps, I dont get anything that these people ask us to do if we crash, yet I still crash.
  11. fall damage not realistic

    They might add that later on? IF you haven't noticed this is early development. The game isnt even ready, you bought a product that isnt finished yet, I bet they will make other things, such as being able to carry a wounded person, if he got shot in the leg, or no lethal place, and its a game dude............... You are the unrealistic one, you want a game where you have to join a new server, or rejoin everytime you die? No. Nobody wants that, so I mean... dude just make some sense.
  12. fall damage not realistic

    While the fall damage might be a little over the top, and on the other side not. You can land wrong in many situations, and we're talking about war, picture yourself in a war zone, enemy snipers, IEDs, enemies around you. IF you need to rush off a roof, accidents happen. Now to be a little more realistic, men in real life, combat trained men in enemy territory can lose their life. This is a video game, if they allowed people to not take fall damage from falling off a house, they would bunnyjump and the game would become like some awful CS:GO, Arma clone. This is to make it more realistic, its not unrealistic that you take the fall damage, what would be unrelistic is some kid jumping around on roofs in a warzone. This is if not intended, a good idea to keep players more tactical. Again, I am not a military guy, but I am pretty sure most military operations are on ground, its only special forces and other forces that actually do tactical observations on rooftops, and other things. And at times the military to spot out enemies with snipers, but you dont see them ever jumping around, they're very careful to get down carefully, and the way they came back up. They don't jump off the roof in the middle of a warzone. So instead of rushing, take your time, play it tactical.
  13. When I first started playing squad many months ago, back when the dinosaurs lived. I had no issues, the game gradually over time felt more strange, and behaving more strangely, as they added patches, and updates. As you might know, I have made several threads about crashing, and while it was on my end, its safe to say squad needs to make their users aware of one thing. At some point in time squad will remove the directX installer which will cause multiple crashes, unrelated to the directX, recently I started getting unreal engine crashed reports instead of the old ones. Then checked the tutorial they had shown should fix it, and I had no folder, I had no installed directX folder, as I had to begin with, so for everyone crashing try to check out your game folder. Squad might have removed the directX folder. Which is located in the redist folder. I don't crash anymore. And remember, my crashes were not related to directX to begin with, so it might be that updates don't update directX and the game becomes unbearable, and crashing, so try to re-install, or install it again. It also prompted me to download .net framework for the direct to work properly so its safe to say that at some point squad removed, or didn't update the directX required for the new textures, the new mods, etc.
  14. Disregard

    I wouldn't play on this server. The admins are too power hungry, or just imbeciles. They kick without investigating. I was running tank, my partner left the game, and I was going down a hill, then got stuck had to wait for a while "One manning" trying to get it up to the road again, and asked a squad member to come drive it to with me when I got it up on the road. As it was stuck. Got kicked for trying to get the tank up on the road, and let my squad member join me. Definitely not a good experience, and the admins are too trigger happy or in-experienced.
  15. Fix the crashing?

    It might not happen to you, but it will eventually. I didn't have it to begin with, but somehow its started. Its not on my end, its something that crashes with their game. Maybe an overload, or whatever. But can you please fix the crashing, before making tournaments, and building further on the game? Its starting to tire me out. Its very annoying while in a game, and it ****s up the squads. I reinstalled, I even bought new graphic cards that are up to date, everything. Just to play squad, and when I cant it pisses me off, and seeing you work on development things and making tournaments and not solely work on trying to fix the crashing issues, its just not good enough. I can play arma which works perfectly fine, and should have a billion more ways to crash due to a bug, since its so sandbox, so definitely not my end.