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  1. Auto-sprint

    True, True. But it would still progress the game into another battlefield no brain shoot'em up game, if people just auto-run, easy targets.
  2. I'm giving up on this game.

    I just want proper game play, and I will get it somehow.
  3. A better armor and Gear system

    Yes, the restrictions are a pain, who is to say a rifleman can't carry a rocket, or more ammo for the boys.
  4. Auto-sprint

    Auto-run should not be implemented, if people are capable of doing so, owi should somehow punish that, or get rid of it.
  5. I'm giving up on this game.

    I dont know, I can only make assumptions based on what I see, and hear, and I have literally visit almost every server, even those with a 500 ping to play, and most of the squad leaders, and players don't seem to give a rats butt, its rush B, and then I assume its the players because if they're not interested, and just want to take a logi place a bad hab and roleplay soldier action while running around like headless chickens thinking this is how they do in iraq, and afghanistan. You don't have to roleplay the game to get realism, I have been in rare games where bombs were going off as we crossed the streets, buildings blew up, cars, ambushes, and all those things, and there were zero roleplay, it was just tactical real life gameplay from the enemy team, and our team, which forced us to be unable to COD, or counter strike it as the enemy squad leads actually had their men setup everywhere, tactically, and they end up winning, due to some people being unable to handle that pressure and just rushing and COD it, they never got anywhere and disconnected. We actually had to clear each compound we found, or clear it using grenades or we would go into an ambush, think about that, whens the last time you had to clear a compound and not just run through it mindlessly, because you knew the monkeys were rushing b on the other team. Then.... I can't see how OWI is at fault.
  6. "Hiring" Admins. (Future)

    While I to some extend have worries about the overseers doing their job right, we can argue that this is not really a job, the same way being a kindergarden teacher is, or a social educator, a truck driver, a garbage man, or other things, its a suitable job for those who have the time, enjoy watching games be played, and get paid. Of course I wouldn't take people I fear would revolt, and I do feel that with these resources we can make a server where only those who want to dedicate their time will play, and its most likely going to be at its peak in the daytime, and during the night time. So many people are fed up with lack of management.
  7. Hello, I have planned to open a server, a high end server, I have almost... maybe already given up on this game as seen in my last thread, I have no other choice but to test out other alternatives, and that is why as my last shot at trying to enjoy this game, I will open up a server that is run by me, and I have plans to hire observers so to speak, people that will watch both sides (When at its peak) to make sure squad leads are communicating, discussing tactics throughout the whole game. As everyone likes to play, and nobody would sit and observe games for nothing, I want to know how much people would want to get paid to actually watch a server for say three, to five hours a day, or when the need is there for them. I'm not sure how owi global rules will play into this, but I plan to create a server where communication, tactical gameplay, and stategy is being discussed among the squad leads throughout the whole game, and where not following these rules is bannable offence. I think the only way to make sure the server will become high end is to immediatly rid the server of players who don't listen, squad leads who stay mute, or cant as a group come up with strategies that work throughout the whole game, or swallow their pride and listen to ideas. I believe that this way games will always be filled with squad leads that have the right knowledge, have the logic, and sense to see plays that normally would be seen as sketchy and not call of duty style, and enforce them, I also believe that it would attract only those who listen to squad leads, who don't rambo off, or don't listen because they think the game-play is dumb, and he or she is better. These observes don't have to become, or be clan members, but mainly overseers watching the games, and immediatly banning bad buds, no warnings ahead of time, as the server will be advertised as "High end" Gameplay. But as for now, I would just want to know how much peoples time is worth, so if you find that this could potential mean easy money for you, or would be a job that wouldn't bother you, send me a private, or comment here with a number. And we're talking hourly pay.
  8. I'm giving up on this game.

    Well, while some players are truly in it and picked up this game for the tactical, deadly realism that were promised, the majority are sadly call of duty, counter strike players, who rush out, and think they're the best because they can shoot ten people. While I will agree to some extend with one of the comments made about skill, beating tactics, and good communication. I have rarely but seen people actually come together with me and other squadleads giving up their pride to make the best comebacks because we were not capable of taking the other team head on, purely by tactics we destroyed the enemy team and communication - Stealing habs behind enemy lines, sneaky habs, and pushing together from different directions, any serious team with great communication and tactical approach will beat people who have the superior aim, and skill (Shooting others) But its rarely seen becase the majority are COD, counter strike players, and when they set the standard for how gameplay is supposed to be played in games, those who signed up for tactical, deadly realism give up those aspects, but keep their pride intact thinking they're good for getting a thousand kills and losing a match because the other team had more brute force, or a hab placed slightly more tactical, but without any thought behind it. I see so many matches where I give up halfway into the game because nobody wants to listen to one thing that could save the game, just one action that they don't wanna swallow their pride for, it saddens me. As for other comments now that I am at it, I don't see many clans that looks attractive, I have been in one where they were not following owi rules, and kept harrasing, and being stupid towards other people, and other clans that just didn't want to play the game as it was meant to be played, but did what is written above, and never participated in any clan games, or other things. As for most of the clans that I have visited on servers, they don't seem to want to enforce high end gameplay, so I can only hope for clan matches once in a while, and 90% of the time be fed up with how nobody wants to listen or do things that win games on the clan server ,because the clan don't enforce good gameplay. I don't know, show me a clan that actually gives us what we want, those who truly signed up for what this game stood for, and were created for, tactical realism, and the deadly realism. I now see how this is becoming more of a battlefield, or call of duty game, those are not games where any tactic is placed, its just brute force upon more brute force and respawn, upon respawn until one side loses 4 more people than the other team and losses the brute force they had, and then they camp the spawn. But sadly it isnt owi doing it, its the players feedback, and how they set the standards for how the game is played. I have realised that now.
  9. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    Or just play better, most clans are bad at the game. :'( Its just that there's so many newbies that needs teaching.
  10. Squad has its flaws. Although its not a major issue, the concept and development of the game is just to my liking. I'm a competitive player, and grasp various games quick, and become very good at them in a short amount of time. I' have tried countless servers, to play competitive. I have both tried the normal servers that don't require high end, but people are just really bad at the game. I have tried high end servers, high end gameplay, where the admins enforce high end, but don't really enforce it, and let bad players ruin it. The major issue is squad leads that have no idea. I'm no wizard, and I am no military guy, but when helicopters were added to the game, my mind was set on helicopters being used for frontal/quick attacks, /Quick habs behind enemy lines. This is the correct way to use them, but when you have squadleads with more than 3000+ hours, that use helicopters to build defence, and useless tow guns, and the admins say they enforce high end play, but do nothing I find it highly embarrassing to waste my time, and competitive spirit. And they let logi trucks do the frontal assaults, and habs behind enemy lines, that's not high end play. I think the major issue with players thinking they're good in this game is that they're good at shooting people, good at getting kills. And therefore to them they're the best players. Quite often that is their argument, but they lack logic, sense, and tactical approaches. As with many other games, its not the games that are bad, its the people that make the game bad. If anyone knows of a real competitive server, that have multiple people actually advancing with tactics, great tactics, who communicate, are ready, and speedy, giving up to date info, planning together, then tell me. Because as of this point, I can't the stupidity, and ignorance of the playerbase ruined this beautiful game for me.
  11. System Requirements outdated?

    What you have to understand here is that none of this is the cosumers fault. OWI is basically just really bad at optimizing their game for everyone, and every setup. I run with pc specs that far exceed new games requirements, games that require ten times more power than squad, and they run perfectly fine, sometimes updates come, and it goes down-side, but then they fix that issue. With OWI we're dealing with individuals whom seem to forget that programming takes time and obviously rushes out content, new configs and other things too early on that just destroys everything. Some experience issues, others dont, not because of their specs, but because somehow new updates, or other things interfere with peoples equipment even though its way up to date. Its the truth. Best advice so far, is to just wait for a finished product, if they sell this project to another company, or bail out, or finish a product that is bad, ask for a chargeback of your purchase. You didn't get what they promised in the end. That's kinda what I am looking forward too, unless they actually fix their game. And the craziest thing is, I have two computers, the outdated one, with a graphics card from 2013, doesn't have issues, but the pc that is my main does. OWI is a laughthingstock atm.
  12. OWI is by far the best team. I asked for city map, and they gave me the pearl that is Mutaha. Its bringing back the tactical gameplay, there are at least 500 different approaches to this map, and roadways you can use. Ambush points everywhere, literally. This map will prove difficult for many casual players. Love it, Love it. Idc about the choppers, this map alone. We can utilize our roles, machine gunners can give cover from rooftops, etc etc. Its perfect.
  13. A15 Survey Review

    All I know is that the game needs to be fixed from crashing, I always play hardcore, and top at least 30+ kills every third round, but there are too many casual players. Most servers are run by in-experienced, power hungry casual players that promote how their server can teach them how to become good at the game, but not enforce hardcore gameplay, which means they're not teaching you how to become good, just a casual bad player. Which breeds more bad players that eventually ruin what little there is left of a once great experience. Humvee's RIP Actual skill RIP Teamwork RIP Tactical approaches RIP Buddyrally BrokeTheGame Edited: Its not a shock when devs ask for funding to a project, and fail miserably, we see it all the time, don't invest in a project they can't fund themselves, the difference here with no funding, and funding: No funding: They have to listen to the consumers, if they dont do that they leave, and demand chargebacks of their money, and then they spend all that money on a ruined game that doesn't bring profit. (This is the type of game you want to play) Funding: They make people believe in the best, and show previews specially made to lure in people, take their money and slap a agreement on that so you can't chargeback, you bought the game, but the game isnt finished, they don't have to listen to you, they got their funding to start the project, no losses for them. So at OWI the customers are the bitches, atm.
  14. Or in general maps where its city environment, close combat, many options both tactical, and counter tactical, all these open maps dont give much variation, they're all open. Close combat maps, or city maps will open up thousands of tactical ways to approach it, where open maps feel like you're playing the same map in counter strike, or call of duty. Given that the developers actually make it random, Most developers working on maps, have this idea that they need to make "Entry points" and "End Points", that there should be a way that leads to this key location. Which ruins the whole aspect of it being a tactical game. If we can get developers that make everything accessible on a city map, so squad leaders can make their own entry points, and end points, that would be sweet. An example to make it just a tad easier to understand: We have a house, where the only points of entry is two doors or a balcony, make it so every possible way in, or out possible is available, a window, a bathroom window, give us the tools to move around like we would be in real life, and not limit it. Its hard to explain... Most maps give us one, or two ways where there is in actuality more than ten ways to make entry, and it limits the gameplay. And don't tell me we have close combat city maps, they aren't too close, and there is definitely not enough entry points either, the city maps we have are very open, and half the time 90% of the city environment is not used, because its not needed.
  15. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    Well, tags would help... And I'm not the problem, squad will most likely someday get into esports, or maybe some other tournament stuff, like any other game does overtime, proffessional gaming is competitive, and its hard to stay calm when people believe they're gods for having seven kills and not listening to the squadlead, and the admins doing nothing. While any squadlead is allowed to kick for any reason, wouldn't you agree that kicking players start/Mid game would ruin the whole game, missing either a medic, or whatever role he picked, and take focus away from the actual game. If people can't be good, have to boast about their killing blows, and not listening to the squadlead because of that, they are not playing the game as it is intended. I paid, owi advertised tactical, great gameplay, and I dont get it? I'm 100% in my right to get toxic and mad, and the admins on the servers do nothing but let those suckers keep on talking shit. One comment here mentions its a game ,and they wanna relax, when they play, well..... Gaming and shooting games in general are not relaxing, its fast phased, pick another game to relax too, shooting games are anything but relaxing, and winning is fun, losing isnt.