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  1. Mortar redesign

    I'd be cool with this if we increased cost of the mortar. Good balance and all that.
  2. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    IMO, I'd stick to invasion servers until you get your feet wet. Its a simple game mode, you don't have to worry so much about moving around and allows you to focus on game mechanics.
  3. Mortar redesign

    IMO, I think it would be better to maybe make it a kit, but even then thats pretty lack luster for a mortar. I would keep the current mortars, make them cheaper but take more ammo (50-100 per volley). Allow teams to build light/medium howitzers that have a set minimum range with a much larger blast area but huge cost to fire. (100 per shot just like Emplacement AT or more) and finally have similar to M109 that can take out armor longer ranges/objectives. Though, I think mobile Howitzers would be bad for the game until helos come out (or even jets) for precision strikes. The higher ammunition values would force a team to make sure their fire support needs to be well supplied.
  4. Just a thought that is pretty minor, in my opinion, but it would be nice to see rifleman spawn at default with 25 ammo in their drop bag. Its not a lot, but its enough for some bandages, clips and such. Its not enough to make a difference at FOB's, or allow AT to resupply. Just enough to make the kit useful for infantry. What are the communities thoughts?