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  1. infantry should be able to mark

    Mines are automatically updated on the map with a marker when they are placed. I don't think anyone other than FTL's and SL's should be able to mark anything on the map, otherwise you're going to be getting a whole bunch of clutter. As for Squad Leader's not caring where you're placing your mines and friendly vics getting destroyed, I don't think I've ever had a Combat Engineer just wander around without direction on where to place mines. Letting someone lone wolf like that and place mines wherever they want to is a bad use of the kit. When mines do get placed they need to be relayed back to SL so he can let command know. I get your frustration with placing mines or running into friendly mines, but I would recommend just communicating a bit more and watching your map if you are in a vehicle driving around.
  2. Hey! Some of yall might know me from Twitch or YouTube, but I'd figure I'd start a video thread here for posting updates, any feedback or suggestions might have, and all that good stuff. Based on the rules I didn't want to spam the forum with different threads, so here's a megathread for when I post stuff. I'll kick it off with my Squad 101, CAF Update, Mutaha overview, and most recent Counterattack video. Hope yall enjoy!