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    Reign What's up guys, you can call me DeadFace. I've been gaming all my life with these style games. For me it all started with Battlefield 1942 from there it was (BF meaning BattleField), BF Vietnam, BF2, BF3, BF4, Arma II, Arma III, DayZ, and PUBG when it came out. With that I'd like to talk about the part in which I've always admired about these games and that's the community but even more than that... I've always admired seeing some phenomenal alliances/guilds/clans/squads/teams made up of people whom have played these games together for years and years. They knew each other so well that no matter what game they played together, they learned it properly, they devoted their focus to learning the competitive aspects, and immediately held their own in PvP. That is my goal here. I want to find and meet the ones of you who do not avoid doing the work and putting in the teamwork that is necessary to win. Winning is not our priority but it is always our goal. Our priority will be to each other and working together to get our goals accomplished. I am not strict I am very laid back and I have a good time when you guys have a good time. I love doing stupid shit too but not enough people understand when to **** off and when to buckle the **** up. Anyways, Reign will be the start of making a community of strong players. If you are interested, feel free to respond here with your contact info. for steam and in game. Discord:: https://discord.gg/zQfbq3 - Dead Face IV