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  1. Mapping: Quick Questions Thread

    Hello, I'm pretty new to the mapping scene and I'm curently working on my first project. I was wondering a few things I couldn't find the answer to (or didn't know how to google properly). I have tried to extract as much information as i possilby can from Axton's and Warmaster's tutorials. 1. How do you usually go on creating the landscape outside the map bounds/ playable map area? I currently have a terrain from worldmachine which I edited further in the SDK. Usually in Squad this these landscape backdrops consists of mountains, forests etc. Since I have edited and sculpted the worldmachine terrain in the SDK after importing it I can't just go back into worldmachin and grab a "larger area" to compensate for the landscape around the map... 2. While placing static meshes I noticed it's possible in the details tab to just reassign materials in to different already existing materials to get it to suit the look of your map. For example i am using typical concrete houses from the middle east, changeing the concrete to brick to make it fit in an European setting. It this a good way to do it, or will it create problems later on? In other words will these reassignments I'm doing actually carry out when exporting the map? EDIT: 2: Okay so, the problem is that the LOD uses a baked texture. Is there a way to easily edit this texture or generate a new one?