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  1. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    I have idea , why not make pip feature optional , like motion blur toggle button in graphics settings , so player can choose to play more realistic scope or less depending on hardware power , as long as it graphics load issue , this button would look good right below motion blur toggle option
  2. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    Ok , if guys with a potatoes read this , this message is for you , please upgrade ,and let the squad evolve
  3. Mounted scope realistic zoom

    Thank you for answer , I understand difficulties and requirements for player’s hardware , most guys I play with in squad downgrading video graphics settings to gain fps to 200 which is totally unnecessary, 60-120 fps is more than enough for human eye and brain to process, for example I play in my i5 6core / gtx1070ti / 16gb ram and sometimes it still stucks rarely , except that , game plays smoother than ever , If such a feature like Pip would be enabled , it will not do much harm to fps, but will bring a feel of space and presence in the game, I’m sure guys that play on 120-200 fps wouldn’t be against sacrificing some 20-40 fps for more realism and completion road to milsim rather arcade shooter, and it’s only while aiming mode through the scope , personally ,I’ve used SVD few times in my life(I mean not in game) and without zooming ability , there not much to gain except bullet firepower and accuracy , which is not much ahead of classic 7,62 ak47, I would be happy to play on 30-60 fps if such realism details included. Thank you
  4. It’s a best game I’ve ever played but if you fix zoom in mounted scopes and make it more zoomed than background behind a scope it self in blurred area , it would be “Thee Best Game” I’ve ever played. Thank you big time