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  1. Canadian Armed Forces Free DLC Released!

    super happy to see the CAF mod go mainstream, I do have one small request and news to help the sniper issue, I'm not sure if this would be handled by OWI or the CAF mod people. Could the normal riflemen class have the chance to select a C7 with either the Elcan or EOTech? It's nice for more urban maps to decide between a red dot or magnified optic, Just like with the American and Russian factions. Canada adopted the Colt Canada C20 back in June as an Intermediate Sniper Weapon. similar to the M110 and L129 really but not sure if they'll be issued at the squad or platoon level yet.
  2. Alpha 15.4 Released

    i think vehicles returning to main after a while is a good idea, but as said by zylfax791 it can in some games ruin a good battle plan Could SL's be given a notification/option to either leave it in place or let it respawn if any vehicle belonging to that squad has been left immobile after a while and outside the radius of a radio? Because it can be practice to leave logi's near a HAB for resupply runs or armour left at a HAB waiting for supplies for a repair/rearm.