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    You just want to force someone to make this game perfect to you. Also the link you wanted
  2. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    Since people often don't bother themselves of doing researches it won't change anytime soon. And this fact gets more hilarious when they started complaining about that DLC.

    I'm wondering, why are you still trying to make this gore to happen even if the devs simply said "No, make a mod if you want" For most of rational people out here it is a simple fact they understand, but you seems to be kinda overreacting about blood and body parts flying aroud, and this makes me wonder if you ever found yourself in a situation to witnes such action
  4. Devs should be thankful for such detailed analysis
  5. I don't mind if game isn't fully realistic, personally i wouldn't bother playing in such games, i care more about gameplay than a full realism. Since Squad have good gameplay and can be realistic enough to be playable it's fine for me. Let's back to a topic. If someone really looking for my idea to be ralistic then he can find that soldiers often carry extra ammo in thier backpacks especially light infantry, and they also seting up RPs just to drop extra waight a moment before action. Whole idea might looks kinda overcomplicated for someone but on a bigger maps this mechanic will be usefull
  6. If this is all you want to say, then well... thanks for your opinion, your presence here at this forum must be unmatched
  7. Nowadays APC's and IFV's takes the roles of independent unit, making they way trough enemy positions. And sure, we had many chances to rearm at APC that was passing by our positions. But i was aiming more to situations where there is no logistics around or your own team ended up far from nearest fob, and there is enemy vehicle presence that cutting you out from relocating to nearest frontline. I just can't give the numbers of how many times i ended up with no AT weapon available since we wasted all the ammo for an APC that just rtb after he took some hits with a LAT. I'm not sure if my idea is such a gamechanger, 200ammo for a RP isn't much to setup own strongpoint, or harass whole transportation at MSR, but it can help you in the time of need
  8. Hi I just want to ask our community what they think and hopefully gain attention to modders or even a devs abour Rallypoints, RP in short. So, me and my friends was thinking some time ago about possibility to give RP more meaning than just a simple spawn point, my proposition is to make RP more uniqe by adding an option to rearm from it. My vision is simple, Squad Leader's first RP will contain some ammo, like 200points and that ammo count will be drowing down untill SL will rearm at FOB. Also rearm at RP will be avaliable only by the team that owns that RP. I belive 200points of extra ammo for a full squad is just for basic needs like bandages and magazines, also it might be used for more crucial moves like rearming a LAT or a HAT. #edited Also im really sorry if someone posted something similar to my idea, there is 163 pages full of topics and i just can't read this all

    Want some gore? Make a mod, geez Did you ever bothered yourself to read some stuff here? Like for example a FAQ? "Gore body parts? There will be NO! gore added into this game but when modding becomes available fill free to get creative"
  10. can we expect a larger number of nations as a free DLC? Or is this only the result of the good will of the creators?
  11. Gamemode: Conflict

    Some kind of campaign will be fun. AAS and INS is good but i don't think that only 2 game modes will be enough to keep ppl in game. Imo i like campaign from RO2 it's simple and enjoyable, you got simple map with few regions and you need to vote to do some action such as attack or stay in defence.
  12. Left handed models?

    Totally agree with koschilein, that will be cool feature but at this stage it isn't important
  13. Advanced Ammunition Selection

    Men, why do you need this? it sounds like horrible idea. It will be good for milsim game not a Squad
  14. Weapon positioning

    Imo it should be depends of weapon that you carry. Using a big AT launcher like Eryx or SRAW should block some view to feel how big and unwieldy it is.
  15. Attack Dog

    It will be fun to shoot down a cow or goat, but God plz don't talk about dogs as friendly AI It's so CoD atm or Ubertactical mod for Arma. Do you guys even play PR once?