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  1. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    So what about irregulars vs insurgents? Where's the authenticity in that? No one's crying about it.
  2. Hit-Detection

    Last night it took 5 rounds to drop a guy with the SVD and we still traded. It also takes multiple head shots to down a player sometimes. It's very inconsistent. I can't remember it being this bad before the new engine update.

    I believe he's referring to the squadmates that are flanking and closing in. The noise from the suppression team allows the flanking team to close in on the enemy without notice of footsteps and draws their attention. I've actually used this before to assault a tall building on Al Bashrah. Works wonders.

    Covering fire is so darn effective but most casual gamers have no clue how to employ it. Most people just rely on that pinpoint accurate shot and will not fire until they spot the enemy. If you know where the enemy is, lay down some fire so your squadmates can move in or flank.
  5. Massive desync

    This. The desync is horrible with the new updates. I've never traded so much up until the recent patches. Also, shooting moving targets have never been so inconsistent.
  6. In the matter of fall damage

    So then how do you justify insurgents and irregulars taking fall damage on the same level as conventional soldiers? They aren't packing 70 lbs of gear. Every time I play insurgents and get spawned on top of the HAB, I always get fall damage when I inevitably have to drop down. That shack isn't even that tall.
  7. More C4 or increase the damage

    Been waiting for the c4 nerf. We already have enough lone wolf marksmens and HATs. We don't need another reason for people to run off on their own. I see more sappers than marksmens going Rambo nowadays. The game is called "Squad". Thank you OWI.