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  1. i5 2500k @4.1 ghz gtx 560ti @ 870\2200 16bg ram @1833 1080p bloom on lens flare on textures low shadows mid effects epic distance low AVG 45 fps depends on map and objects
  2. the problem is that the textures are not stretched to polygons. A separate layer over the empty polygons of the map layer. Maybe here and double the processing performance degradation on the computer. In UE4 there are special tools to work with it . road with grass everywhere I'm confused.
  3. you lie, beacouse threre is no updates whole week
  4. this stupid bugs with terrrain still in game.. how ?
  5. The map is amazing. BUT bugs ****ed if full textures are not included stones and cars fly in the air. seen enemies through the hills, shooting them into the ground. minimap does not work, because there is just a mess of pixels LAV can run up small hill very sad ;(