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  1. Squad Ranks?

    I didnt read the thread but pls dont add ranks. I dont think the community will get insanely big, that means players/clans will build a reputation. So you will remember good squadleaders/players and u can just keep playing with them. I really like the fact that you know most of the players in PR and if Squad will become good, the game will last for a long time. A lot time to get known.
  2. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Looking forward to kill some full trucks
  3. Kills vs points vs caps

  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

  5. February 2016 Recap

    Ok its time for me to get a new PC this shit is so awesome.h
  6. Why Not To Lone Wolf

    Im lonewolfing most of the time i played squad so far. Most of the SL i had were playing way to slow and had no idea how to flank or be effective for the team. I think its better to lone wolf instead of wasting time with a useless squad.
  7. System Requirements

    My system: X4 955 ~3,2 gHz GTX 560ti 4gb ddr3 I had around 30fps, with everything on low but textures on medium and 1920*1080. At round start it was a bit laggy but most of the time i could play.
  8. Engineer (Not the combat one)

    imo a repairstation is enough like in PR. Dont make things too complex.