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  1. Bugged stone, radios placed around the position under the sand bags will be bugged, too so noone can dig them down once the last stage is reached. https://imgur.com/a/HdV6SY4
  2. More C4 or increase the damage

    Was at 35:55 https://youtu.be/GBV5puM_Gps?t=2155 So they want to prevent the radio beeing destroyed by a single player because they don't like how the engineer class was played? Uff, that argumentation got me, totally. But it's fine for two guys behind a wall within 30m radius to block an HUB? - that's just a bit more than 1/5 of a whole Squad! They did less than the engineers who where sneaking to the radio, choosing a path and searching for a way to get to the radio. Need to break down the points they came up with what a combat engineer can do. Minefields: No. Unless you got 15 minutes and seperate yourself from the own squad anyway, like the lonely ranger that snuks around and places the C4 on radios this won't work. Too few mines and ammo crates/boxes are not where you want to build up a minefield. Vise versa the options to move around specific spots is huuuuuge. Mines on bridges are normal. Most bridges don't need to be used. Simply drive around them through the swallow water. Mines evaded. So a sapper placing mines is just an hinerdance to slow down the game, since most vehicles just loose their tracks/wheels and do not get destroyed instantly any more. Repair box: Sappers are not near any vehicle that needs repair normaly. Also if you really need someone to repair a vehicle, you spawn as a vehicle crew, repair the vehicle and move it to the main - that's a most case scenario. Valuable assets: Did any combat engineer ever place sandbags somehwere they were usefull? Most of the times you can't really hide behind them, you can't add another one because they're diffrent from the ones a SL can build. Maybe the barbed wire is fine but they are maybe build once in a game by an inexperienced SL to "secure the radio". Blowing up wreckage: As with the mines..... evade them is easier. There are literally endless ways to secure a radio from getting blown by a single sapper when the FOB is manned. When V12 was implemented the radio was moved out of HUB range to prevent vehicles rushing a FOB to instantly destroy the radio as well. With the change to sappers to oneshot the radios, they were not placed in range again or placed so that you can have an easy look at the radio, the HUB blocking the entrace to the radio.... Still, the insurgent/militia sapper can use the triggered explosives to destroy a radio in one hit. I think they needed a change for the militia/insurgent to actually still have an usefull asset and prevent those glitching objects ending in a defeat. As said before, currently objects placed inside other objects that are larger will end in the bigger object beeing dug down. Radio inside HUB - HUB goes down. C4 on radio - radio goes down. C4 inside HUB - HUB goes down....... The current problem is not that C4 was nerfed to prevent a single player to destroy it by just placing C4. It's that the shifting to the radio beeing glitched inside objects to prevent digging to actually go the further step on how they still allow a single sapper to act in this matter. Or even worse, the sapper beeing unable to even place C4 near the HUB/radio because of the colission boxes.
  3. The Hit Registration

    The british faction seems to either have a head hitbox floating over their current heads position or near their chin. Hitting the helment will spray blood and do nothing. Also the hit detection on running or moving objects in general became worse, did they increase the limb sizes and make them wiggle when running?
  4. Why all these Fog now? IS squad going causal?

    As in certain Talill layouts, the FOG is pretty much useless when the background colour is not the same colour as the fog. Speaking about the new map Nanisivik, one can easily look beyond the 2 km range because int he white fog the vehicles are just black rock-like moving objects. The view is more difficult but not like it would hide the enemy. With high fire power, which is normaly well equipped with good long range scopes, the fog does pretty much the exact opposite of what it currently should do. Au contraire, having a look at Fool's Road the fog is so dense that at certain lookouts the screen just goes blank lookg further than 200m. And finally having a word about Mestia, this map is the epitome of not rendering assets beyond 150m. With low graphical settings, anything beyond 50m not beeing a tree does not get rendered anymore - just lookign through ANY scope. With the combination of earlier mentioned high fire power, long range, fog and good scopes hiding in fog is pretty much more useless than just running over the icy plains in Nanisivik because the enemy can't react to all squads running openly over it without reloading at least once!
  5. Played a few games with them, a few against them. They need to be worked on. Those weapons are super quiet. I got the effects quite high in volume, once they change from the "close range" distance into the "long range" distance the simple wind sounds ingame are louder, you will ocassionally hear it, sometimes, when the wind changes again.... Their accuracy on long range is absurd. Battles with any offical "sniper" class against a simple canadian marksman will not end well for the sniper as the supression is enough to prevent accurate hits meanwhile the marksman can do pretty much anything while not loosing this fight except standing and aiming. Fire rate and recoil need to be tweaked. Close range I won several 1vsX fights because this weapon is so damn fast the enemy can't even react to it, there was also no recoil involved in those rapes.
  6. More C4 or increase the damage

    Currently you place the radio inside the HUB again for it to be impossible to dig down the radio. Even with the UI showing "Press right click to dig down the radio" you dig down the HUB instead of the radio in any stage of the HUB structure. There are even spots on the map where you can build a radio and an HUB and placing C4 at any position pushes it around 5m away because of collisin boxes. Also a radio with health reduced to 75% to block the spawning does only block the chance to queue up in there. Already queued enemies will still spawn. So simply destroying an HUB was made far more difficult than it should be in certain situations.
  7. Suppression

    Supression is not implemented well so far. The same situations create diffrent results in case of supressing the enemey/getting supressed. Supressions through walls is possible, black screens from bullets further away than an infantry scope can see and diffrent supression laying down on one spot changing the field of view (looking south, looking north and so on.....). Sure nice mechanic but bugged as hell with a frustation factor higher anything else in this game.